Your Options In Getting Lawn Care Done

by Nate on October 24, 2010

Your Options In Getting Lawn Care Done

If you have recent acquired a home or business premises with a lawn, and it is the first time you are in charge of one such lawn, you could find yourself at a loss as to how you will get the lawn cared for. Although it looks very easy when viewed superficially, the truth of the matter is that a lot of labor and skill goes into proper lawn care. Yet it is something you simply cannot ignore, because if you choose to neglect your lawn, your whole home (or business premises, as may be the case) will end up looking very unkempt; which would be a very bad reflection on you.

Personally, you may not have the time to do your own lawn care. If you are a business owner, chances are that the commitments that go into keeping a business running would never quite allow you do it yourself. The constraint here is one of time: you may want, and know how to take care of your lawn, but you simply can’t find the time to do it. Then again, although it may be a case of a home lawn, and although you may have all the time to do it, you may simply not know how to go about it: it is quite a delicate business. There would also be the situation where you know how to care for a lawn, you have the time to do it, but you simply don’t want to do it yourself. So, in all those situations, what are your options in terms of getting your lawn cared for?

Well, the first lawn care approach at your disposal is where you can hire a laborer to do it for you, under your direction. This would be a relatively cheap option: it is something you can get done at minimum wage. Of course, seeing that it is an unskilled person you would be hiring, it would be upon you to provide him with the instructions for the lawn care. This means that you would need to be conversant with lawn care (the ‘skills bit’) yourself, but probably only lack the physical motivation/ability to do it. It certainly wouldn’t be an option for you if the reason for your seeking for someone to do lawn care on your behalf is your lack of skills in it. And since you have to work with the laborer showing them what to do to, chances are that it wouldn’t save you much time either.
The second lawn care approach at your disposal would be where you hire a skilled lawn care ‘artisan’ – with the artisan handling both the physical aspect of the job and the mental (skilled) part of it. Here, you stand to save your time, as you just give out the job and wait for results. It is also a viable option if what is keeping you from doing your own lawn care is your lack of skills in it. The downside is that you will need to spend a little more money on this, and more crucially, you can’t be certain of the claimed ‘artisan’s’ skills: everyone can claim to know how to take care of a lawn.

The third lawn care approach is where you subcontract the whole lawn care business to the companies that have come up in that field. You just tell them what you want, and leave it up to them to work out how to give it to you. The advantage here is that you save yourself the considerable troubles of trying to recruit a (genuinely skilled) lawn care artisan, that you are provided with a full range of skills in lawn care and that you get to save yourself considerable amounts of time. The downside is that you may have to part with a somewhat tidy sum of money.

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