The Tools & Equipment Necessary to Start a Lawn Care Business

by Nate on October 23, 2010

The Tools & Equipment Necessary to Start a Lawn Care Business

The cost of obtaining the equipment and tools necessary to start a successful lawn care business is not necessarily high. In fact, it is entirely possible to start a successful lawn company with a fairly minimal investment in equipment. In this case, a lawn care business owner can start the business with only a basic mower and edger/trimmer and start building a clientele. Then the lawn business owner can gradually increase the equipment in inventory to match the increasing demand for his services.

Following this scenario, the lawn business owner can conservatively invest in his business without expending a huge upfront investment in equipment before obtaining the large clientele that will eventually pay off the cost of the expensive pieces of equipment. Of course, not all new lawn care business owners will want to start that small. Some business owners will want to start their business with a more substantial collection of equipment at their disposal.

In this case, there are a number of items that will prove useful for any lawn care business. It is obvious that a reliable motor vehicle will be necessary to transport the business owner, his employee(s) if any, and his equipment to and from job sites. A heavy-duty flatbed trailer is a common choice among lawn care professionals. In addition, some lawn care business owners have a utility trailer that is capable of hauling heavier and larger loads.

One absolute necessary piece of equipment for any lawn care business is the lawn mower. Although it is not necessary to have a professional, commercial-grade lawn mower right away, it is a good idea to budget for the upgrade to one as business volume picks up. These commercial-grade lawn mowers tend to be more reliable and more heavy-duty than the personal versions.

If the lawn care business offers fertilization services, as many of them do, then it will be crucial to invest in a spreader or sprayer to distribute the fertilizer over the lawn. Two more useful pieces of equipment include the trimmer and edger. A trimmer will clip the grass than cannot be easily accessed with a standard lawn mower, while an edger will clip the grass than extends over the edge of sidewalks or driveways. Additionally, a blower will send any stray grass clippings back onto the lawn and helps to produce a neat finished look to the property.

Although starting with a small collection of equipment is advisable, it is still a good idea to budget for upgrades along the way. As the list of clients grows, the quality and number of dependable pieces of equipment should also grow. In this way, the lawn care business can grow at a fast pace and become more profitable.

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