Organic Lawn Care Service And Treatment Programs

by Nate on October 26, 2010

Organic Lawn Care Service And Treatment Programs

Organic Lawn Care Programs -

Give your lawn the organic advantage. That is what countless lawn service providers around the U.S. are doing for their customers. Organic fertilizers and other lawn maintenance products allow effective lawn care practices while keeping a conscious mind for the environment. With organic lawncare programs, environmentally mindful customers can nourish their lawns all season long using 100% natural fertilizers.

In addition to the environmental benefits, these products are also kid and pet friendly. There is no need to worry about letting the dog out while the lawn maintenance crew is working. Now entire families can enjoy their lawn when they want, without having to wait for a certain period of time after the products are applied.

The best part about organic lawn treatment programs is that these products work on any type of grass in any kind of climate. No matter where you are you could be enjoying a lush, green lawn all year round that is safe for your pets and children.

Organic Lawn Treatments: 100% natural nourishment for your lawn -

One of the biggest keys to making your lawn thick and lush is the use of fertilizers. These are typically chemical compounds which change the chemical composition of the soil, allowing the grass plants to obtain better nutrients. However, 100% natural and organic fertilizers exist that can be nearly as effective. Below are a few examples of natural organic fertilizers that can be used in place of the chemical varieties.

*Peat moss

Compost is a great organic fertilizer because you can make it yourself with the existing vegetation in your own yard.

A good organic lawn care program will also feed your lawn with 100% natural organic lawn food. Just like flowers and other flora need plant food, so does grass — remember, grass is a plant! Over time, lawn food will help you develop a thicker, greener lawn the natural way.

Organic Targeted Weed and Pest Control: Organic fertilizer with targeted non-organic weed and pest control -

Pest control is another huge part of proper lawn maintenance. While organic fertilizers and plant food are available in several different varieties, organic pest control products are less abundant. Most organic or “natural” pest control product lack the effectiveness of inorganic options. Because defending your lawn from pests helps keep your lawn healthy and disease free, this is not a good option.

Other pest control products claim to be organic yet still contain potentially harmful ingredients, both to the environment as well as to your children and pets. The ideal pest control product is one that is both safe and effective.

Contact your lawn care specialist for more information about where to obtain these products and to confirm if they are appropriate for your lawn. Only with a professional lawn care service provider can you be 100% sure that your lawn will be green for you and your family while also being “green” for the environment.

Perry Boylan is a Marketing Manager with Scotts LawnService. Perry has worked for Scotts Miracle-Gro for 10 years providing sound lawn, garden, and pest management advice. Scotts LawnService will transform your lawn with organic lawn care services, tree and shrub care, and gardening tips. Scotts offers a FREE lawn analysis. Visit for information.

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