Essential Lawn Care Products for Your Yard

by Nate on October 27, 2010

Essential Lawn Care Products for Your Yard

Do you really know all there is to know about your lawn? Yeah, you know that you should use good quality grass seed and then you might consider using fertilizers to keep your lawn green and healthy. But did you know that these treatments are merely scratching the surface? A world class lawn needs much more than good seeds and fertilizers to stay green.

Proper lawn care and maintenance requires a list of different products, but the key is knowing when and how to use them. A keen eye for detail and solid knowledge about lawn care is essential to cultivating a lush, thriving yard for you and your family to enjoy. Of course, the best way to ensure that your lawn in receiving exactly the products and treatments it needs is with the assistance of a lawn care professional.

Hight Quality Fertilizers -

While not the only lawn care product you’ll need, fertilizers are crucial to achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn. Fertilizers contain the essential nutrients your lawn needs to build thick, green turf. The basic nutrients found in high quality lawn fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are the critical building blocks in a plants diet. Fertilizers also prevent and correct the yellowing that can occur when your lawn is deficient in micronutrients such as iron or manganese. Applying fertilizer to your lawn is a serious task; be sure to research exactly how much fertilizer your lawn needs and never apply more than is recommended.

Fire Ant & Insect Control -

Don’t let harmful insects ruin your lawn — or your opportunity to enjoy it. Insect control products eliminate destructive, bothersome pests without disturbing the earthworms and other insects that are beneficial to your lawn’s health. Check with your lawn care specialist to see what insect control products are best for your unique lawn.

Weed Control -

Weeds can overrun and infest a lawn just as bad as any insect pests. They steal water, nutrients, and sunlight from grass and other plants, preventing them from looking healthy and green. A good weed control product should be able to kill the weed, including the roots. This means that you should only have to apply once to control most types of weeds, reducing the risk of damaging turf or other desirable plants. Although, with a good weed control product that is applied properly, you’ll never harm your grass.

Grass Seed -

The best seeds grow the best lawns. Premium grass seeds are formulated with hybrid blends of different grass varieties that produce thick, green lawns that are more resistant to disease, insects and drought. For tips on how to properly seed and water a new lawn, contact your lawn service professional.

Disease Controls -

Professional-grade disease control treatments are used to suppress or eliminate diseases before they can destroy your lawn. Some examples of harmful lawn diseases include dollar spot and brown patch.

Grub Control -

Preventing some pests before they mature can save you hours of hard work later down the road. Grub control lawn care products target the insect larvae, eliminating would-be pests before they have a chance to mature and wreak havoc on your lawn. Like all lawn products, grub control treatments should be applied carefully according to label instructions; if you are unsure, contact your professional lawn service.

Perry Boylan is a Marketing Manager with Scotts LawnService. Perry has worked for Scotts Miracle-Gro for 10 years providing sound lawn, garden, and pest management advice. Scotts LawnService will transform your lawn with pest and insect control, tree and shrub care, and gardening tips. Scotts offers a FREE lawn analysis. Visit for information.

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