Mn Lawn Care Tips – Great Lawns In Minnesota Start With Early Care

by Nate on September 11, 2010

Mn Lawn Care Tips – Great Lawns In Minnesota Start With Early Care


Everybody has seen it.  It doesn’t take an expert to drive through a neighborhood and spot the house that obsesses on their yard (in fact, it might be they do!) and the house that only mows when the city is knocking on their door.  In Minnesota, most people get excited when the snow starts to melt and the grass starts getting green.  So, what should you do to give your lawn a head start?  You do want a beautiful lawn without devoting your entire summer to it, right?


A lot of people suggest getting your lawn ready for spring before the first snowfall…but of course time gets away from a lot of people.  So, here are some tips for those who weren’t able to find time to baby their yard before the snow came.


1. When most of the snow has melted, get your wheelbarrow out and start picking up the debris left behind from the fall and anything the snowplows may have thrown into your lawn.  You will want to get your rake out so that you get all of the twigs, branches, leaves, etc. that are in the yard.  (This will also make it easier to mow when it comes time for that!)

2. Then get out your shovel (hopefully for the last time) and flatten out any piles that are taking longer to melt.  They might be lining your sidewalk from shoveling previously or in areas that don’t get as much sun. Why?  While the extra snow shouldn’t kill the grass, it might stunt the growth and that won’t make for a superb lawn.

3. Fertilizing in the spring.  I am a firm believer that it is easier to start a nice lawn early than it is to bring a dull lawn back to life in midsummer.  So, go to the local hardware store and search for a fertilizer for the spring (it should say when to use the specific mixtures on the back).  Remember not to over fertilize because this can actually cause more harm to the grass than good, so read the directions thoroughly.

4.  Attend to any lawn problems you had last year.  Did you have crabgrass (or any other nuisance) invade your yard last summer?  It is vital to stop these annoyances before they can get started.  Some, including crabgrass, have a very limited timeframe to be taken care of each year.  (See my other articles regarding this)

5. Areas of patchy grass?  I like to use a method called “overseeding.”  This is when you put down a lot of grass seed in the patchy areas.  It will make your grass grow faster and stronger, and of course you will have a much fuller looking lawn!  Don’t do this too early…the grass seed you choose should have directions for when to plant it!

So, there you have it!  Some early spring lawn care tips for my Minnesota people!  This might not make your lawn the nicest on the block in one summer, but if you follow these steps every spring, your yard will eventually be one of the best! MN Lawn Care made easy!


Wayne Westerberg is the owner of Four Seasons Outdoor Services in Cottage Grove, MN. The company provides residential and commercial grounds maintenance for the east metro (Cottage Grove MN, Woodbury MN, Hastings MN, Afton MN, Stillwater MN, Eagan MN, Inver Grove Heights MN, South St. Paul MN, St. Paul Park MN, Newport MN, and surrounding areas). Four Seasons Outdoor Services is one of the premier grounds maintenance companies in the Twin Cities. They provide lawn care, lawn mowing, tree service (tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming, tree planting), and snow removal. For more information on the company and more tips visit their website at

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