Do I Need to be Home to Obtain an Estimate?

by Nate on September 12, 2010

Do I Need to be Home to Obtain an Estimate?

When you are considering hiring a roofing contractor for your roofing project, it is important to obtain an estimate. Typically a homeowner will contact several different roofers and compare estimates. Since many homeowners work, they may feel that it is best to obtain several estimates while they are at work and then compare the estimates at a later time. This isn’t always the best decision.

It is important to actually interview the roofers first hand. Many people feel more comfortable when they hire roofing contractors that they have spoken with in person. Part of the reason why you should obtain an estimate is to choose a roofer that you feel is trustworthy as well as knowledgeable. When you receive an estimate, you should be there so that you can meet the roofer and ask them any questions that you may have directly.

Though it may seem like you will save time by having several estimates performed while you are not at home, you may end up regretting that move later. If you choose a roofing contractor based upon an estimate that you received or that the roofer gave you over the phone, and later have issues with the roofing contractor, you may discover that you could have avoided any problems or misunderstandings by speaking with them in person.

A roofer must look at your roof first hand to make a proper estimate. They may also need to take a look at your attic; therefore you should be home to give them access to this area. Roofers will inspect your home thoroughly to give you an accurate estimate, therefore you should be present to make sure that you can answer any questions that the roofer may have for you as well. The roofing contractor may also need additional information regarding your home to provide an accurate estimate. Therefore, if possible, it is always best for both you and the roofer to be there during your estimate.

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