Lawn Care Made Effortless

by Nate on April 1, 2011

Lawn Care Made Effortless

People consider that really the only way to possess a beautiful lawn is always to hire a professional lawn care company to deal with all their lawn care. Regardless of whether they might like to do organic lawn care or employ traditional techniques, there are a few simple things that will enable the lawn to grow without excess weeds or other pests that ruin a healthy, vibrant lawn.

Soil Treatment

In the spring and early fall it is important to take a couple of easy steps to deal with the soil underneath the lawn. 1st, soil could possibly get compacted so the root system of the grass is usually too tightly compacted. The technique to solve this is to pull plugs out of the grass so as to improve aeration. There are machines that a person can rent that allows you to aerate the lawn.

Additionally, there are some lawn care companies that will come out twice a year so they can aerate the lawn. Either way, the plugs must be left on the lawn to being able to decompose and add nutrients to the lawn, helping it to grow.

One other key lawn care idea for the spring and early fall is always to test the soil’s properties to ascertain what nutrients it could be lacking. You can find simple soil testing kits that can be bought at garden supply retailers that’ll indicate what specific nutrients the soil is lacking.

Once the test is done, the specific fertilizer must be bought that fits the deficiencies. Once the fertilizer is placed on the lawn, occasionally some will fall on the sidewalk and driveway. This should be swept back on to the lawn to ensure that it doesn’t get wasted and run into the sewer with the rainfall.

Unwanted pests

There are several pests that have to be taken care of in lawn care for example grubs. Early in the year, a section of lawn should be pulled up to determine if there are grubs in the root system. If there are, one solution to it is to buy nemotodes from a garden supply retail store or catalogue. Nemotodes are microscopic worms which will kill the grub larvae so that the grubs never are going to affect the roots.

So as to kill other pests, shrubs and trees need to be planted throughout the yard to attract birds which will eat these insects. Furthermore, ladybugs and green lacewings can be bought from garden supply stores that can furthermore assist to fight destructive insects from destroying the lawn.

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