Five Businesses Which Revolve Around Lawn Care

by Nate on March 30, 2011

Five Businesses Which Revolve Around Lawn Care

Coming across the assertion that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people whose livelihood depends on lawn care for the first time, one would be tempted to think of it as an exaggeration. But that changes, the moment you have insight on the whole range of businesses whose activities revolve around taking care of lawns. It is true that the cumulative number of people who work in lawn service firms is small. But the truth of the matter is that those people working for lawn service firms are not the only ones whose livelihood depends on taking care of lawns. We venture to look at five businesses which (in many instances) revolve around lawn care:

1. Landscaping businesses: the truth of the matter is that if many people didn’t care about establishing/maintaining beautiful lawns, landscaping businesspeople would eventually go out of business. Majority of the people who get into the doors of these landscaping businesses turn out to be folks who are keen on either establishing or improving their lawns. Majority of the solutions offered by the landscaping businesses also turn out to be things to do with lawn care.

2. Lawn service businesses: these are, naturally, the biggest beneficiaries of the lawn care need. They are folks who undertake to establish and care for lawns on behalf of other people (or other businesses), for a fee. And the number of companies which have come up in this area is enough evidence that there is huge demand for lawn care services. These are, obviously, businesses which would cease being if people were to suddenly stop having an appreciation for lawns. They are businesses whose operations revolve wholly around caring for lawns.

3. Lawn pest control businesses: few business brand themselves as such. Rather, what we tend to have are generalist pest control business, whose work almost wholly revolves around eliminating (or preventing) lawn pests. In other words, there are many pest control companies which, by virtue of the places they operate in, end up getting engaged fully in lawn pest control tasks. These are businesses whose existence would be greatly threatened if people were to, suddenly, develop an aversion to lawns. The people working in these firms may not view themselves as lawn care workers, but the truth of the matter is that their very livelihoods depend almost wholly on people’s desire to have good-looking lawns.

4. Lawn weed control businesses: again, there are very few specialized lawn weed control businesses (which brand themselves as such). What you tend to come across are weed control business which, by virtue of their locations, end up getting most of their work from lawn owners keen on having the weeds in their lawns gotten rid of. The workers in these firms may not view themselves as such, but the truth of the matter is that they are essentially lawn care workers.

5. Lawn maintenance equipment businesses: there are many businesses here – from those involved in the manufacture of lawn care equipment, to those involved in the distribution and the sale of such equipment. The continued existence of these too depends entirely on people continuing to care about lawns. Were people to stop caring about having beautiful lawns, the people in this range of businesses would, in all probability, find themselves without work. They are therefore, effectively, lawn care workers.

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