Durability Justifies Cost of Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

by Nate on August 14, 2011

Durability Justifies Cost of Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

Some people believe that the big difference between residential equipment and commercial lawn care equipment is the price. While that may be true, there is also the issue of quality and durability that makes the extra cost of the commercial lawn care equipment justified. Residential equipment is designed for the regular use by one individual using it a few hours a week, or even a month, but commercial equipment is going to be used several hours per day, earning money for the equipment owners and operators.

Stand-up mowers, zero-radius turn mowers and heavy duty trimmers are the most common types of commercial lawn care equipment seen in the large yards of apartment buildings, retailer and near industrial parks. Typically, a company will hire individuals to use this commercial lawn care equipment, and each one will drive a little different, but the result needs to be the same regardless of who is behind the wheel. Additionally, how the equipment is operated will help determine its life.


Safety devices built onto commercial lawn care equipment is there to protect the operator and cannot be removed. Homeowners can, on the other hand, put their health at risk by removing some of these devices, but allowing others to use their equipment can be hazardous if it is in an unsafe condition.

Companies Rely On Equipment For Job Security

Unlike residential users, people using commercial lawn care equipment are counting on the equipment to work as needed in order to keep any lawn care contracts they have established. If the equipment continually has problems and cannot be used, it will not take long before they start losing contracts, as well as their income. It would be unusual for a commercial company to buy used lawn care equipment, as it can sometimes be an issue of buying someone else’s trouble.

Residential users rarely buy commercial lawn care equipment unless they have a huge area of outdoor living space they are trying to maintain. Spending hours on a lawn is one thing, but spending time repairing less expensive residential equipment used on a much larger area, is another.

The added initial investment of buying commercial lawn care equipment can be considered an investment since the durability should reduce the cost of future repairs and maintenance. Regardless of the type of equipment used, there are certain maintenance procedures that must be used to extend the life of the commercial lawn care equipment beyond what the manufacturer’s warranty covers.

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