Buying Used Lawn Care Equipment Take Careful Consideration

by Nate on August 13, 2011

Buying Used Lawn Care Equipment Take Careful Consideration

There really is nothing wrong with buying used lawn care equipment, provided it was well maintained and does not cost as much as buying the same thing new. Equipment that was taken care of by the original owner can be just as good as buying something new, provided the used lawn care equipment is not expected to last as long as a new item. While it may work just as good as a new one, it may not have the same life expectancy.

While the physical appearance of the used lawn care equipment should be considered, any and all safety devices designed to protect the operator should also be present and in good working condition. Many of these devices, mandated by law for safety, can be removed by the owner and if it is sold as used lawn care equipment if they are not present or functioning, could place the new owner at risk.

Some retailers that have had equipment returned will send them to a factory authorized repair facility for inspection and repair if needed. They then sell it as used lawn care equipment, even if it has never been used. For example, a person buys a lawn mower and has trouble getting it started. The retailer exchanges it for them, sends the other one out for repair and when it is fixed, sell it as used lawn care equipment at a significant discount. Often these items can be bought with the original factory warranty still in effect.

When To Consider Buying Used Equipment

In the middle of the grass cutting season if the lawn equipment breaks, the owner may not be in a financial condition to replace it. Often, they can get a deal on used lawn care equipment that has been traded in on a new one by someone else. Pieces of equipment that are not needed all year around should also be considered when looking at used lawn care equipment. Sometimes, buying used for periodic used can be cheaper than the cost of lawn care equipment rental.

Depending on the price of the used lawn care equipment, it may be wise to check maintenance records to help determine the potential life expectancy of the equipment. The more expensive the equipment, the more research should be conducted and the more proof of proper maintenance the seller should provide. If buying a used push mower for for example, you are going to pay the money and take your chances.

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