Basic vs. Advance Janitorial Services

by editor on October 17, 2011

Most janitorial companies offer different packages from which to choose. These packages make it easier for a company to select what tasks they want performed because not all companies are the same size, have the same features and the same needs. So what are the differences between basic janitorial services and advanced janitorial services?

If you are a small company with few employees, it would make sense to choose basic janitorial services. These services would also be ideal for a company where appearance is important, but not vital because there are no customers to make an impression upon. Basic janitorial services include vacuuming, emptying trash cans and trash bins, sweeping, dusting and cleaning restrooms. The janitor may also restock paper supplies. These tasks could be completed daily, but if you are a smaller company, basic janitorial services more than likely only need to be performed two to three times a week.

Larger companies are more in need of advanced janitorial services. When there are several employees in a bigger building, the need to keep up the location and make sure customers and clients see an unblemished workplace is more important. In addition to the basic janitorial services, advanced tasks would include mopping, waxing and buffing floors, carpet scrubbing, removing floor mats to have them cleaned, polishing, washing windows, etc. The basic janitorial services may be completed on a daily basis, while the more advanced jobs are executed once a week and in some instances, once a month (i.e. carpet scrubbing).

If you’re looking to hire a janitorial service for your company, ask other local businesses for references so you know you’re getting quality service.


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