Janitorial Tips: Cleaning your office electronics

by editor on October 17, 2011

Most janitorial companies will occasionally dust the tops of your computer with a dusting feather, but that’s far from keeping your electronics properly cleaned and maintained. Janitorial services do not usually include electronics cleaning, but here are some suggestions on how to keep your computer and other electronic devices free of dust and grime.

According to janitorial experts, office electronics are often some of the dirtiest objects in an office. Not only do they collect dust quickly, but if you think of all the things you touch before touching your electronics, or how many times food or drinks are spilled on or around electronics (especially our computers), it stands to reason that these deserve a thorough cleaning every once in a while.

There are a couple of different ways you can clean your electronics, according to janitorial specialists. One is to use a microfiber cloth that is soft. These should be used to clean computer screens or any other surface that should be protected against scratching. You can also use the microfiber cloth to dust fax machines, printers, telephones and computer towers. Those surfaces, however, could probably also be cleaned with specially designed wipes to disinfect (especially the telephone) and remove any “gunk” that may be there.

Most people clean their keyboards by blowing compressed air in between the keys. These cans can be found in any office supply store, or you can ask your supply manager to order one to have at your desk. After all the crumbs and debris have been blown out by the air, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean around each key. This will not only remove grime and dust, but it will also disinfect the keyboard.

Keeping your office electronics clean is a fairly simple task, and it is made even simpler with the occasional dusting by the janitor.

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