5 Effective Spring Lawn Care Tips

by Nate on July 28, 2011

5 Effective Spring Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn has different maintenance needs for every season. When spring arrives, be sure to apply these five specific lawn care tips so that your grass will not only look great during this period but will also maintain its appearance throughout summer and fall.

1. Tune up Your Mower
First things first! Get your mower and give it a full tune up. It must be in good condition before you cut the lawn otherwise it will be difficult to maneuver and you’ll cause severe damage to the grass. So go ahead and change the engine’s oil, filter and other parts that need special attention. Dull blades will make the mowing much longer since it cannot cut the grass effectively, so remember to sharpen the mower’s blades as well.

Don’t panic if you don’t know how to tune up the equipment! You can always seek help from a lawn mower expert. Though you’ll have to pay a small fee, you’ll definitely have a more efficient mower in just a short while.

2. Remove Crabgrass and Other Weeds
Crabgrass and other kinds of weeds are more likely to pop out during spring, so inspect the entire lawn area and remove them right away before they start producing seeds and multiply. You can pull them out manually if you’re into organic gardening, or you can depend on a weed control agent for a more convenient method. The earlier you’re able to detect and remove weeds, the better because they won’t have the chance to spread out and ruin your lawn.


3. Apply Some Fertilizer
For a great-looking spring lawn, use a recommended brand of fertilizer for your soil to make your grass greener and healthier. However, be cautious of the amount you apply because too much of it will bring negative results. Overdosing the lawn will lead to several disease and encourage weed growth, so find out the appropriate application for your specific soil and grass type and follow it correctly.

4. Seed Bald Spots
The presence of brown patches on the lawn is a sign that the grass is weakening. The moment you discover a bald spot on your turf, make sure you attend to it immediately before the grass dies completely. The best way to address this problem is to seed the affected areas as soon as possible. Although reseeding is often implemented during fall, you can also do it this season especially if your lawn is in big trouble. So get a hold of those seeds and start planting so that the bald spots will be gone right away!

5. Rake the Lawn
Lastly, do some raking during springtime in order to get rid of thatch that’s highly dangerous to the grass. Even though you’ve already taken care of the leaves last fall, raking is also recommended this season especially if your lawn has a thatch buildup of more than half an inch. So make sure to set aside some time to rake so that you’re not only removing the leaves but the thatch as well.

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