Antioch, Illinois Lawn Care & Landscaping

by Nate on July 26, 2011

Antioch, Illinois Lawn Care & Landscaping

With spring right around the corner it is time to start thinking about getting your lawn in shape.  Lawn Aeration, & Dethatching are two great services to do to your lawn. Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping provides lawn aeration and dethathing services in Antioch, Lake Villa & Lindenhurst  Illinois.

Aerating Compacted soil is one of the major causes of a unhealthy lawn. This is caused by heavy foot traffic, machines, and such. Core Aeration is a very beneficial service you can provide that reduces this. This process removes soil cores, forming holes that provide passageways for air, water and nutrients.  The cores stay on top of the lawn and decompose back into the yard. After aeration done is a great time to overseed (overseeding usally is done in fall) the lawn to build it thicker and greener. All of this will lead to better plant growth. Call Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping today to find out more about Core Aeration, in Antioch, Illinois and surrounding areas.  or click here for a FREE estimate.


Dethatching is also something you want to have done in the spring.  and If you are considering dethatching in the spring to remove winter debris it is recommended to do it before the lawn starts growing. This helps to avoid setting the lawn back during the critical spring time growth.  Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping offers Dethatching services in Antioch, Illinois and surrounding areas. Click here for a a FREE estimate.


Lime Treatments Adding lime to your lawn helps adjust the acidity of the soil.  This will increase the overall health of your lawn year round.



Should be done regularly by a licenced professonial.  The Main goal of ferilzing is to make sure the lawn gets the right amount of N-P-K  Nitregen,Phosphorous Pottossiam,
What does each nutrient do? In , Nitrogen helps plant foliage to grow strong. Phosphorous helps roots and flowers grow and develop. Potassium is important for overall plant health.  Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping offers a five step lawn care program that will fertilize your lawn and control & kill/prevent the weeds



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