Clean Roof? Get A Roof Cleaner For Roof cleaning In MD Save 10%

by on October 5, 2011

Clean Roof? Get A Roof Cleaner For Roof cleaning In MD Save 10%

The Top Three Questions To Ask Roof Cleaning Companies In Rockville Maryland

Working with a roof cleaning company in Rockville Maryland is without a doubt more popular this year as hundreds and hundreds home owners in Rockville Maryland hire roof cleaning contractors to remove black streaks on roofing.

These dark colored unattractive stains located on roofing is almost certainly a a form of algae called “gloeocapsa magma” or Dark colored Streaks, Black Algae or just Roof Stains. Most of these dark colored bothersome stains can certainly be taken away as a result of the latest original low pressure Roofing cleaner system which uses professional grade roof cleaners and our radical low pressure cleaning system to safely remove black streaks from roofing, together with other pollutants on top of roofs.

If you’re Rockville Maryland home’s roof is covered with these black streaks, no problem, a professional roof cleaning company can remove them! There are other benefits from roof cleaning, besides just eradicating the black stains from roofing, Roof cleaning services are also able to help to prevent additional heat build up inside of your attic by removing the black streaks from your roofing, which helps lower your power bills and it can extend the life span for your roofing!

Before you hire your roof cleaning company there are also several factors in doing business with a roof washing company that you have to know before you hire someone.


1. Be sure the roof cleaning corporation you hire has lots of experience cleaning roofs, make certain they have a long history of satisfied clients and recommendations. Roof cleaning is performed using equipment that generates 8 gallons of water per minute, up to 15 gallons of water per minute. If the roof cleaning service doesn’t properly check out your homes roof, they can cause Tons in damages in seconds!

2. Is the price for roof cleaning comparable in the standards in the power washing industry? Over the last couple of years new roof cleaning companies have appeared in Rockville Maryland almost overnight. Some residents told us about being approached by roof cleaning companies who’ve offered prices as low as 0.00 to clean off a large roof!

It simply isn’t possible to operate a roof cleaning company at these prices.

A. The machine that qualified roof cleaning services use costs about ,500.00 for each system.

B. The safety tools costs approximately 0.00 per man, and has to be replaced regularly.

C. The professional grade roof cleaning soaps sold by manufacturers can cost and up per roof!

D. These prices don’t include labor, liability insurance or workers compensation, that can easily cost 0 if not more per job.

3. Is the roof cleaning company licensed, insured and bonded to provide roof cleaning services in Rockville Maryland? The Maryland Home Improvement Commission requires all contractors that use cleaners, soaps, detergents or chemicals for pressure washing to have a valid MHIC License.

We all want to save money these days but the old saying “You Get What You Pay For” is certainly true, and if your paying 0 to have the roof cleaned on your home in Maryland, the company is cutting corners in one of these regular business expenses that all legal and professional roof cleaning company in Rockville Maryland pays for.

Most consumers do not realize that professional power washing companies, roof cleaning companies and other trained exterior cleaning contractors, take a great deal of ongoing training for the support they furnish. These companies also invest a large number of dollars in devices, and they all use low pressure cleaning systems that apply professional grade roof cleaning detergents that are built to take apart surface dirt, kill gloeocapsa magma, and other types of mold, mildew and algae, without making use of over 400PSI, some inexperienced roof cleaning contractors use as much as 4,000PSI for cleaning roofs!

If you find any roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland that won’t use these methods, watch out, and make sure they also have insurance to help repair any damages that they’re going to cause when cleaning your roof! There are a lot of roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland that use high pressure washing methods also, so homeowners beware!

Henry Bockman is a Navy Veteran in Montgomery County Maryland and operates two companies, Commercial Restorations and Henry’s Housework Inc. His companies provide roofing repairs and power washing services in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia since 1989.

Bockman also writes articles and creates videos for homeowners. His latest video about roofing repairs is available at: . A free guide on hiring contractors is also available at:

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