Different Ways of Lawn Care

by on October 6, 2011

Different Ways of Lawn Care

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful home. A lawn in your home can add five stars to its beauty as well as to your status. Lawns can be of different types. However equal care is important for all types of lawn.

For best results adequate amount of all the operations are needed. St. Augustine is one of the best grasses for the lawns of Florida. For northern Florida turf grasses are better than St. Augustine.

Lawn care starts with a plan. What you want to do with your lawn should be well planned. In different seasons, different ways of care may be required.


As the time passes you may need to aerate your lawn. After some time the lawn soil may become compact due to heavy traffic on it or due to some other reasons. Compactness creates many problems like reduction in the amount of water, nutrients and air , increase in the thatch population etc. So aerate your lawn when there is a need. Check the lawn and see whether there is any compaction or not.



Your lawn needs nutrients from time to time. You can use fertilizers and compost to supply the lawn with nutrients. You can use different types of fertilizers available in the areas of Florida. You can use slow release, fast release, organic, inorganic, liquid fertilizers, whichever is required. Find out the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium available in the fertilizer and use the one which is required for your lawn.


Watering is crucial for the health of your lawn. Watering in right amount, at right time and in the right place helps the grass grow faster and healthier and will make your lawn look better.

Watering should be done in the morning and in absence of wind.


Mowing is important to maintain the aesthetics of the lawn. It helps in the growth of the grass. Mowing should not be done too low. It should be done with a good quality mower only. The mower blade should be sharp. Mowing is to be done on dry grass only.


Florida lawns also need weeding to remain healthy and beautiful. Weeding may be done by the use of weeder machines or by pulling the weeds. Use chemicals to free the lawn from weeds.

Pests and diseases

Fungicides and other chemicals will help you to overcome the diseases. For pests use pesticides available.

For any problem or for any clarification, you can take the help of the local gardeners or the garden’s center people.

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