Top Tips for Garden and Lawn care for the month of August

by Nate on November 16, 2010

Top Tips for Garden and Lawn care for the month of August

As the warm summer sun starts its decent into fall, we begin to look at what lawn care is essential for this time of year. Since most of us simply do not have the time to spend hours on end to keep up the garden, we will explore the available options for superior yard care.

What gardening tools you will need:
To begin the process, some very important tools should be in your possession. The first is a petrol lawnmower and this will be the most important item to use for the lawn care process. In addition to this very important tool, you should also have:

Hose/Irrigation System









Rake the lawn before and after you cut:

For those that would think it is brilliant to mow their yard and avoid raking it, they will sadly be disappointed. Raking your lawn free of leaves and debris is an important step in helping to keep your lawn looking amazing. It will also help keep the lawn’s clover runners properly maintained and free from being problematic.

Now you can get down the lawn care and ‘using that lawn mower’:

Keep in mind that your lawn should be mowed only during the early morning or late hours just past sunset. Trimming during the intense midday heat can be problematic for not only you, but the lawn as well. When mowed during the cooler portions there is less shock on your grass.

Once you have finished with your petrol lawnmower, you can then move on to the next step of lawn care. From here, we essentially need to trim the outer portion of our lawn. When you are trimming the edges of your lawn keep in mind you do not want to take it too close to the ground. Work the edges down to match the length of the fresh cut lawn. When possible, blend the section around it for a brilliant look.

Hedges are ready to be trimmed back toward the end of August. During the summer rains, you might find that they have become quite overgrown and unruly. Take note of the traditional form of the hedge you are cutting and begin to cut back the new growth until you have a more rounded or square shape hedge. Be careful not to cut too deep or leave bare patches on them.

As you walk around your flowerbeds and garden, weed out the new growth that has occurred from the summer rains. During this time, you may pull out anything that has died since the time you have planted it. Many plants will die in different seasons, and this is not a direct reflection of your gardening skills.

Once you have completed the maintenance on your lawn and garden put away your petrol lawnmower and tools. When you have put them away, begin to water your lawn, pay special attention to areas of the lawn that appear to be grayish and perhaps thirsty. If they remain ill looking, ammonia can be added in a light concentration to perk it up.

Lawn care can be a rewarding experience for individual who does it. Keep in mind that in August there are some special needs to tend to like extra weeding and raking leaves. When it is done and in good condition, you will have a lawn to be proud of.

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