Tips For Winter Lawn Care

by on October 12, 2011

Tips For Winter Lawn Care

A simple way to be sure that your lawn is hearty and healthy every spring is to give it the right lawn care during the cold months of late fall and winter. Even though most lawns seem completely dormant during these months, how the grass is cared for during this time can make a difference to the overall health and beauty of it in the summer. Below are some ideas that will ensure that the lawn is as healthy as it can be when warm weather returns.

If you do live in an area where you have regular snowfalls, then you will want to be sure that your strategy includes making sure that all areas of the grass are free of debris and clutter before the first big snowfall of the year comes along. Proper lawn maintenance in preparation for winter snow would include raking the leaves, removing sticks, and disposing of any other type of debris that just doesn’t belong on your lawns.

Even if you are not expecting much in the way of snowfall, it is still important to be sure that the grass isn’t left under piles of leaves or other rubbish that can interfere with the grass receiving proper moisture, nutrients and air. While the growth of grass often comes to a halt in the late fall, it can still die if it is buried under any kind of yard debris.


Many people have the mistaken idea that summer is the most important season for controlling weed growth. But the opposite is actually true and it is important to understand this in order to plan good lawn care for the lawns that surround your home and garden.

Weeds actually grow much faster than your grass does during the winter, as compared to the summer. If the weeds are allowed to simply grow out of control during the “off season,” then there may not be much lawn left to enjoy when spring arrives.

Fortunately, because your grass will be growing so slowly during the fall and winter months, it is rather easy to spot the progress of the weeds during this time. Just make sure that you give a bit of attention to your grass during these months and get those weeds pulled, or apply weed killer, so that they don’t overrun the lawns and ruin the look of your landscape design.

If you like the look of a think, full lawn even through the wintertime, then it is a good idea to plant rye grass, bluegrass or other types of northern grasses which all tend to be heartier and will endure through the colder months of winter. One of the lawn care advantages of using rye grass in your lawns is that it grows well mixed with your current grass and will make your grass look fuller and lusher. However, the rye grass will actually die off and your regular grass will take over as it comes to life in the spring.

If you plan to plant any winter grasses, like rye, then they will stand the best chance of taking root and growing well if you plant in October. And, even with chilly weather you need to be sure the newly planted grass seeds get enough water.

Between natural rain and your own watering efforts, you should be sure that the rye-type grass receives one to two inches of moisture every week. Utilizing these simple lawn care tips will give you the best looking grass in the neighborhood, come summer.

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