Lawn Service Quotes How Much is Lawn Service?

by Nate on October 5, 2010

Lawn Service Quotes How Much is Lawn Service?

When getting a lawn service quote, you can get a wide variety of responses. This may be because of the different services that are offered, or simply trying to get onto the schedule of a lawn team that is already in high demand. In order to understand the quotes that you receive, the best thing to do is understand how your lawn service views appraises your lawn.

How Much Is Lawn Service?

The reason that it is difficult to set an average cost for your lawn, is because it is impossible know what type of lawn service you are seeking. Are you hiring the kid from down street or a professional landscaping crew, or maybe something in-between like lawn service that only deals with the grassy areas.

What Goes Into a Lawn Service Quote?

The average lawn quote will include a lot more than just getting your lawn trimmed. It will normally include: a weekly lawn cut, weeding flower beds, an annual spring cleanup, any necessary hedge trimming, an annual fall cleanup, and possibly a monthly chemical treatment. Normally all of these treatments will be combined an given to you as a monthly package. Keep in mind that the monthly quote is extremely negotiable because you can opt-out of many of the treatments. It may be helpful to look at each treatment individually.

Getting you grass cut on a weekly basis is the minimum that any lawn care provider will offer. Their quote will be based upon the size of your lawn and ease of mowing. Common sense dictates that a small, flat, open lawn will always be the cheapest type of lawn to maintain. If there are obstacles on the property, it will take longer to mow and the price will be higher. A surprising obstacle is a small gate. If the gate to the lawn has a smaller door, then a large mower may not fit, and a smaller mower will obviously lengthen the amount of time that it takes to mow the lawn. Another hidden factor is how close you are to other customers. If they have to drive across town just for you house, then you should expect to pay more to compensate for the trip. The average price for a lawn cut is between and .

Spring/Fall Cleanup

The Spring and Fall cleanup is all about getting your lawn ready for the next step. This includes cleaning up leaves, sticks, and other random debris. If you only do this once a year, then it can actually end up being more expensive than paying for two smaller cleanups. This is because of the total amount of time that it takes to do this. Another way to decrease overall costs is to dispose of all of the debris yourself. If the lawn service can simply place it all by the curb, then it will be much cheaper than if they have to haul it away for you. This can range from 0-0.

There are other services such as chemical treatments, extra landscaping, and much more. The price for all of those services is reliant on similar factors as the services we have already discussed. This includes how much time it takes to complete them and how often they need to be done. While your first quote can always seem like a shocker, remember that it tends to include a package of services that far exceeds the basic lawn cutting.

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