Large Yard? No Problem With Commercial Lawn Care Products

by Nate on June 11, 2011

Large Yard? No Problem With Commercial Lawn Care Products

Home owners with large yards probably find normal lawn care equipment to be inadequate to meet their needs. Large yards are one of the primary reasons why people upgraded from push mowers to riding lawn mowers, as they could cut the same area of yard in a much shorter timespan. If you’re a lawn care professional or simply like to take care of your yard, then commercial lawn care products are perfect for getting the job done quickly. Professionals will find this equipment absolutely necessary for their job, although home owners may wish to save some money on the products they buy.

Durability is the Key

Commercial lawn care products are generally much larger and more durable than their consumer counterparts. They are designed for professionals who need to do a lot of work in a reasonable amount of time, and they need to last so businesses don’t spend too much time or money repairing them. Also, you can find more targeted approaches to taking care of problems. Consumer products generally tend to have broad focuses, like generic “pest control” products. Professional lawn care products have entire lines of tools dedicated to pest control, and they generally target specific types of pests, like termites, Japanese beetles, or grubs. Commercial lawn care products are marketed on quality and not the brand producing them.

If you’ve ever wondered how golf courses always seem to have absolutely perfect grass, now you know. Commercial lawn care products are instrumental in achieving that perfect grass which is always a lush shade of green, completely devoid of weeds. When you use consumer herbicides which “only target” weeds, you’ll soon find your grass to be collateral. Fortunately, liquid herbicides and pesticides allow for specific targeting of areas, but there is still bound to be more damage than you intended.

Don’t purchase commercial lawn care products if you only have an acre or so of land. Only when you have several acres or more of lawn should you consider purchasing professional grade equipment. Consumer models are more than sufficient for taking care of small yards, and you should just save the money if you have a small yard. Also, you can always check into renting professional equipment if you have a particularly tough job to undertake – it’s still no reason to go out and buy that equipment when you can just rent it for a few days and save thousands of dollars. For big yards and lawn care businesses, commercial lawn care products are a necessity.

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