Janitorial Tips: Office Junk Removal

by editor on October 17, 2011

Is your office jammed packed with clutter? It might be a good idea to start sorting through some of that clutter and organize an office junk removal project.

The attitude of your employees depends on a lot of factors, but one of the most important aspects that impact their attitudes is cleanliness within the workplace. If the office is dirty, dusty and filled with boxes and other unused items, it may lower office morale. Hiring a qualified janitorial service to keep the office clean is a good start, but they can’t get rid of all the extra “stuff”; you will need to call in a junk removal crew to haul away the excess clutter.

Some of the most obvious items that should be considered for removal are old desks, chairs, computers and electronics that no longer work or are broken. And don’t worry about electronics going to the dump; they will more than likely recycle computers, printers, fax machines, etc. Imagine how much more space your office would have with that old Xerox machine out of the way and how much easier it will be for the janitorial service to thoroughly clean the office! Other items that can be considered for removal are old office supplies that aren’t being used. If you have files or other plastic/paper items, make sure to put those aside for recycling.

Before scheduling a pick-up day, ask all your employees to go through their desks and belongings to make sure everything is purged. Once everything is ready to go, the junk removal crew will be able to haul away the excess office clutter, leaving you and your employees with seemingly a brand new work space!


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