Home Lawn Care – Information

by Nate on May 4, 2011

Home Lawn Care – Information

Home lawn care could be as simple or complex as you make it. Before deciding to put in different colors and varieties of exotic plant life it is important to figure out just how much free time you have to spend on the maintenance of these exotic plants, or in lieu of your own loving care, if you can afford to have a professional landscape team come around to take regular care of your garden.

Exotic plants are any sort of foliage that is not native to the area and as such will necessitate additional care and extra things such as special food, water or lighting conditions for it to bloom. So, one way to prevent from making lawn care in your home a time consuming task is to plant only native plants that are accustomed to fending for themselves, as it were.

Some people, myself included, tend to find even the most basic lawn care a little tedious. Yep, even just lugging out the old lawn mower for a short clipping session can look very tedious. But then again, my house is located in an almost tropical climate where the lawn grows so quickly that if I miss a weekly trimming in the summertime my frontyard begin to look like a jungle.

For people looking for a way to cut down on even basic lawn care, there’s also the herbal lawn. True, you may find it more work to get started if you already have a lawn in place, or if the existing lawn is a particularly hardy variety such as St. Augustine or some types of crab grass. But if you don’t have a lawn yet or have a more delicate variety growing you may find it worthwhile and even agreeable to incorporate an herbal lawn.

An herbal lawn is just what it sounds like, a lawn that consists of an herb rather than a type of grass. You can create an herbal lawn out of many different sorts of herbs. The challenge really is to find an herb that tolerates heavy foot traffic at the same time that it is not too prickly or woody if you like to sit or play on the lawn. There are many varieties of chamomile and creeping thyme that fall into this perfect middles ground.

Herbal lawns grow more slowly than regular grasses and when they are tread or sat upon, they smell simply wonderful. In fact, herbal lawns can be so wonderful on a nice summer day that a lot of persons erect what’s called a ‘gardener’s couch’. A gardener’s couch is created by shaping raw earth into a comfy shape or shapes which are then sowed herb seeds. For an even greater olfactory thrill, plant a variety of herbs. Every change in body position will release a different herbal aroma.

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