Frisco Lawn Care Flower Mound Lawn Care Clients – We Welcome You To Our Family So That You Can Spend More Time With Yours

by Nate on January 1, 2011

Frisco Lawn Care Flower Mound Lawn Care Clients – We Welcome You To Our Family So That You Can Spend More Time With Yours

Dear Potential Customer,

We all love to spend the weekends with our family taking outings and just spending some quality time together. However, this is usually dampened because of the yard work that we need to get done. But you don’t have to take this time to cut your grass or trim your landscape. You can hire our Highland Village lawn service. Our lawn service company is called Lawn Jockey and our main location is 424 East Main Street in Lewisville, Texas. There are several services that you can choose from including weekly or bi-weekly lawn service, sod installation, bush and bed programs, mulching, and full bloom programs.

We are a lawn care service that wants to allow you to be able to spend more time with your family instead of worrying about the work that you have to accomplish on your landscaping. You can join all the other families that have hired our Highland Village lawn service and have your weekends back for your family. We, here at Lawn Jockey, are focused on making your lawn look as beautiful as possible without you having to lift a finger.

We have very affordable rates for the services that we offer. You can call us at any time to set up an appointment in order to get an estimate for the work that you want done. We can have you put on our regular schedule the very next day. You can finally have your weekends back for yourself and other things that you might want to do. We will not only keep your lawn tidy at all times, but we will also plant and take care of your flower blooms as well. Your hedges and flower beds will be tended to five times a year giving them a chance to grow more brilliant during the next season. If you have a lawn that is not in great shape, we can even bring in new sod in order to give you that great looking lawn. We are professionals at everything we do. When your lawn looks good, then we look good. We look forward to working with you in taking care of your lawn and giving you the free time back that you deserve.


The Family at Lawn Jockey

It works like this.

We love taking care of our lawn service clients.  We have been in landscape maintenance since 2005.   We are family owned and operated right here in North DFW.   We pride ourselves in reliable billing, quick estimates, and quality maintenance.  We also understand the need to have your flowers blooming all year.  That is why we have the Full Bloom Program.  New flowers are delivered and installed three times a year.  Our clients are small family homes with lot sizes under 15,000 square feet.  Your lawn and landscape maintenance is our priority.  Hire the Lawn Care Professional  that you trust to maintain your property all Season.   USAF Veteran Owned 

Customer Service Manager is in the office Monday – Friday 8am – 5 pm

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