Factors That Determine the Amount of Money You Should Commit to Lawn Maintenance

by Nate on August 6, 2011

Factors That Determine the Amount of Money You Should Commit to Lawn Maintenance

When it comes to making a budgetary vote for lawn maintenance, you will be keen on ensuring that you set aside just the right amount of money. You don’t want to set aside too little, and end up with mediocre lawn care being carried (which could very easily mess up with your landscape). On the other hand, you don’t want to make an outrageously huge allocation for lawn maintenance, and end up being accused of extravagance.

Ultimately, your chances of making just the right amount of allocation to lawn maintenance go up if you do it on the basis of factual considerations. Among the factors you should take into consideration when making this sort of allocations include:

1. The size of lawn you have: all the other factors held constant, it is naturally more expensive to maintain a bigger lawn than to maintain a smaller one. Therefore if you have a huge lawn, you will endeavor to make a commensurately big financial allocation for its maintenance. If you commit a small amount of money for the maintenance of a huge lawn, chances are that only mediocre lawn maintenance will be carried out.


2. How you are planning to go about your lawn maintenance: you have several options in this regard (each with implications, in terms of how much the work is likely to cost, and how well the lawn maintenance gets done). One of the options is to give the work to a professional lawn service firm. This could cost you quite a bit money. But it is also likely to lead into much better lawn maintenance results. On the other hand, you could decide to undertake the lawn care by yourself, possibly through the already-existent staff. If you opt to go this way, the only costs you would have to think of are those associated with lawn care inputs and lawn care equipment. Since the people who will be taking care of your lawn in this case are probably not professionals, chances are that it won’t be perfectly done. But if you don’t have enough money to contract a lawn service company, or if there is no lawn service company you can contract in your locality, you may have no alternative than to do it yourself. Either way there are financial implications and those should be reflected in your allocations.

3. Whether or not it is a new lawn you are trying to establish: naturally, if it is a new lawn you are trying to establish, you need to devote more money to the project than if it is an existent lawn you are trying maintain. If it is an annual allocation you are making, you need to ask yourself whether you may need to reestablish the lawn afresh in the course of the year, and allocate an adequate sum of money (if that is the case).

4. How much you are allocating to other areas: the idea is to ensure that you don’t end up lavishing too much money on lawn care, while being frugal in other areas (which could open you to accusations of impropriety).

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