Cruelty Free Pest Control Works

by Nate on October 1, 2010

Cruelty Free Pest Control Works

When it comes to pest control of rabbits and small raccoons some of us might have hard time with the cruelty of some pest control products. Unfortunately, not everything can be joyous and nice in life. Some pests cannot be controlled in nice ways. Some methods of pest control allow us not to feel so bad for the bunnies other fuzzy “critters” that can do damage to our properties.

More Cruelty Free Pest Control Methods

When thinking of cruelty free pest control methods it really depends on what type of pest you are trying to rid your home and property of. If you are fighting, infestations of insects there are no nice ways to do it. Chemicals and poisons is really the only effective ways to rid your home and properties of many insects. Some rodents such as rats have become somewhat used to some of the chemicals and some can survive only to come back with more friends and family to invade your home and family.

Some rats will kill smaller pets in your home and they can carry some real nasty diseases. Some more humane methods of pest control might be ultrasonic pest control or live traps where the animal is trapped then taken and released in an area away from your home and family. Others will destroy and kill other pets and animals you may have and there is no other choice but to shoot them or find a professional method. If you have coyotes roaming near by they almost always have to be destroyed due to some of them might attack. They hunt in small packs and can be very dangerous.

If Dealing With Professionals For Cruelty Free Pest Control

If you method of pest control is to call a professional to help you rid your property and home of pest make sure you talk to them about all of the options they may have to offer. If you have a wild animal issue, the local DNR or Animal Control will come out to handle them. In some cases, the Humane Society will help replace the animal away from the city or your home. If you are dealing with insect infestations there are options you can choose from for treatments. If you are dealing with rodents there are also options in dealing with them. Make sure you ask questions and get answers. Make sure you are dealing with professionals that are trained and licensed. See what kind of guarantee they have to offer. Make sure if chemicals or poisons are use that you have emergency numbers kept close by in case of trouble. Be aware of all the dangers and cautions in using some products. Cruelty free pest control products are available so do some research and find out what your options might be.

Pest control is not something to take lightly. You should do research before entering a store to buy a product as well as speak with a professional about the harmful effects of the pesticides. You want to know everything before eradicating those pests.

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