Can a Landscape Company Transform My Barren Back Yard?

by Nate on February 16, 2011

Can a Landscape Company Transform My Barren Back Yard?

After moving into a newly constructed home in a new subdivision, homeowners are often confronted with the problem of having to landscape their barren backyards. If the house is like an expensive suit, the landscaping is the perfect tie that brings the whole look together. Bad landscaping can make even the most beautiful house look bad, while great landscaping can make an average house look stunning. Today, landscaping companies offer a variety of services that can transform any backyard into a beautiful oasis that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

One of the first things that new homeowners have to do in order to make their backyards livable is to install grass. Depending on the region, different grass types will grow better in that environment. Consulting lawn services companies can provide homeowners with the best option to make their new yard beautiful. New grass lawns can be either seeded or sodded. Seeding grass costs much less than laying down sod, but requires patience on the part of the homeowner while the grass grows.

Results can be spotty also. Laying down sod requires more money upfront, but provides instant gratification. The results often look better as well. One thing to consider before laying down new grass is whether or not to install an underground sprinkler system. These systems provide an easy and convenient solution to watering the yard and can be programmed to water the lawn automatically. In addition, automatic watering systems are a great way to increase the value of a house and make an excellent selling point.

Installing grass is only the first and most basic step in making a backyard beautiful. One of the best ways to improve the appearance of a yard is to landscape it beautifully with plants and flowers. Plants make a backyard look welcoming and verdant, creating a lush background to the yard. Landscapers can strategically place flowers to add pops of color and to accentuate certain areas of the yard while perfuming the area with sweet and inviting scents.

Water features can create a feeling of serenity in a backyard. Nothing is more relaxing than hearing the slow trickle of water running from a small stream or fountain. Not only are water features beautiful, but they can help to drown out the sounds of neighbors or nearby streets. Regardless of the size of the yard, landscaping companies can design ponds, streams, fountains, or waterfalls to suit any backyard.

Landscaping with plants and greenery is not the only way to improve a backyard. Landscapers are experts in creating hardscapes like patios, pathways, decks, and terraces, allowing homeowners to create outdoor living areas, which are now all the rage. These outdoor rooms are perfect for entertaining and for family gatherings allowing for people to flow freely from indoors to outside as the party progresses.

The final, but often overlooked component of good landscaping is the use of effective lighting. Lighting can be used to create moods and to evoke emotions. For instance, soft lighting can create an intimate and romantic feeling, while bright, strong lights can create drama and excitement. Exterior lights can be focused on spots or objects to highlight certain areas of the yard, while also providing security.

Having a well landscaped yard can help to transform a house into a home. By hiring landscapers and lawn services can help homeowners to create the backyards of their dreams.

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