Brampton Lawn Treatments Can Make You Money

by Nate on December 28, 2010

Brampton Lawn Treatments Can Make You Money

You can make money by cutting lawns. Start thinking green! Do you want to be your own boss? Do you think you could run your own business?

Not only can you earn some decent money now by cutting lawns, you can actually build a decent business over time that you could eventually sell for a profit.

When I think about my hometown of Brampton Ontario, there are many neighbourhoods where regular lawn services are in constant demand. Create a decent plan, take fast action, apply a good work ethic and you will be rewarded. And like most businesses, you’ll make more money over time by providing a reliable service for a fair price. A price that is fair to your customers and fair to you.

Cutting Grass is Just a Start

There are many additional services that you can offer your existing customers that they’ll want once they know that they can trust you. You could market an environmentally safe lawn treatment that will enhance and protect lawns. These lawn treatments can be provided as an add on to your basic grass cutting service or offered as a regular stand alone service. Beyond lawn care you could expand into offering landscaping and gardening services. Or you could earn finders fees by connecting your lawn service customers to businesses that provide any related services that you don’t offer.

And depending on your level of ambition, you can scale up your business by hiring workers who do the yard-work while you focus on the sales and marketing activities. The key is to develop a reputation for reliability and quality service. People like to deal with businesses that they know, like and trust.

It’s a certainty for a local business service that your reputation will precede you. Provide a high level of quality service and word will get around. And providing an unreliable service will get the word out even faster! You also become referable to other neighbors and existing customers will be much easier to sell additional services to as well.

Aside from making a profit, creating a list of satisfied, repeat customers should be your goal. Getting a customer in the first place is the hardest part of business. But the lifetime value of a satisfied customer can be significant. This is especially true if you can successfully cross sell them on other services and products.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Your list of customers is valuable because you can you earn money from them now and in the future. But you can also cash in on your list when you get out of the business too. If you ever decide to sell your local lawn services company then your lawn care customer list is an asset that you can sell to a larger lawn service franchise who will be hungry to expand their business by taking on your customers.

Don’t be fool though. A successful lawn care business is a simple business but it’s not an easy business. Research your local area and find out what licencing and insurance that you’ll need to operate your business. Are there by-laws that effect the operation of the lawn services and lawn treatments that you intend to provide? Specifically, what do the regional by-laws say about pesticides and chemicals that may be prohibited if you plan to get into applying any sort of lawn treatments?

Look Before You Leap Into a Lawn Care Business

If this is a new venture for you then you should do some honest soul searching about starting a lawn care business.

Find out what tools are essential to getting started. Compare the price of renting vs. purchasing any machines that you would use less often such as for lawn aeration. Don’t forget to shop around for safety gear such as work boots, gloves, safety glasses and ear protection.

There are definite steps to getting yourself prepared but compared to most business start-ups, the barriers to entry for cutting grass for money are pretty low. A reliable lawn mower can get you started making money fast. How you manage and grow your business from there is up to you.

If I were starting this sort of business in my local area of Brampton, I would simply circulate a basic business flyer in my target neighborhood and offer my service at an introductory price. And because people use the internet more and more to find business services that are close to home, I would list my business in a online city directory like I would feature my business under an appropriate business category such as Lawn Care Brampton for example.

You can even market your new enterprise online for zero cost by claiming a Local Business Center listing on Google Maps. It’s a free service but you’ll need a Google account and a specific business address to get listed. Until next time, remember to think green!

Silka is a freelance writer who is completing her Masters of Business Administration at a major Canadian university. She has an undergraduate degree in Horticulture and consults with businesses that provide lawn services in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. She is passionate about environmental concerns in general and especially as they relate to landscaping and gardening matters within the Regi

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