An automatic Lawn Mower can save your time and money?

by Nate on July 31, 2011

An automatic Lawn Mower can save your time and money?

Think about this: Do you want to save money by eliminating your lawn service? Do you want a healthier lawn? Do you want more free time?Are you tired of itchy, watery eyes while mowing? Don’t you think there has to be a better way to mow?

Truth be told, I had high hopes for the lawn-mowing robot made by chinses Friendly Robotics. Not for me personally, although I love labor-saving devices as much as any time-pressed, sleep-deprived, My reward: Operating in automatic mode, the robot easily set out across the lawn, which I had cleared of children, sports equipment and pets. It hummed its way up and down diagonal rows that looked unfinished until the next right-angle pass. Quiet and eco-friendly, it left mulched clippings behind to nourish the next round of growth. Robomower handled the wide variety of crab grass and weeds that blot my yard, though its wheels did get stuck in a medium-sized hole dug last fall by the dog. And it twice attempted to mate with my picnic table, which, following the manual’s instructions, I had not excluded from the mowing zone.

A robot mower is a gift from science for all those who want to maintain a picture-perfect lawn. Basically, it is a battery-operated device that can mow between 5000 sq/ft and 218 000 sq/ft (5 acres) of land, depending upon size and power. Most robot mowers use a perimeter wire to define the area to be mowed. However, certain advanced robot mowers utilize special sensors and natural obstacles like stone boundary to designate the mowing area.


Most robot mowers will mow your lawn in a random manner. Some have bumper sensors to avoid obstacles others have sonars. When their battery begins to exhaust, the robot mower moves back to the charging station and other robot mower models will need to be manually connected to their charger.

LawnBott Robotic Lawn Mower will Cost LESS than a Lawn Service
Many lawn services cost to 0 per week depending on the size of your lawn. If you use a lawn service for 35 weeks per year, you could be paying ,225 – ,500 per year! A LawnBott can pay for itself within 2 – 5 years during the warranty period. That’s true value.
If you are mowing a quarter acre or more, you are probably using a riding lawn mower. A riding lawn mower will cost ,000 – ,000 upfront. Operating cost and upkeep can quickly exceed 0 per year when adding rising fuel cost, oil, and regular service intervals. Don’t forget to add in repair cost as the machine ages. Riding lawn mowers also take up precious storage space and you may need to purchase a trailer to transport it. All that and you still have to drive it.
LawnBott uses only of electricity per year. No gas to buy. No oil to change. No tune-ups. Simply replace the blades at once a year. LawnBott lithium batteries cost 0 once every 4 to 5 years or lead acid batteries cost less than every 2 to 3 years. Since LawnBott is an electric lawn mower, it has few moving parts and is less likely to break. LawnBott is a simple solution for a big problem.

BETTER value than a Push Lawn Mower
How much is your time worth? If you’re mowing a quarter of an acre with a push mower, you’re spending up to 2 hours every week mowing grass during your free time. When you figure in the amount you’re paying over the long term, (gas, oil, maintenance and repairs/replacements) the best long-term value is in the LawnBott. Go ahead, reclaim your weekends.

LOW Maintenance Cost
No tune-ups, no oil changes, no filters or service intervals. Just replace blades once a year and batteries every 4 to 5 years. (2 to 3 years for the LB2110′s lead acid batteries.)

Robomower dutifully continued its work across the yard, completing the task in about 45 minutes. It is slow enough so that children and rabbits can easily get out of its way. Doing the lawn by reel mower, by comparison, usually takes about 25 minutes, and I clear toys only just before I would chop them up.

Of course, the real labor savings would come with the next mow: Robomower can be programmed to run completely automatically on a particular day and time, but set-up day had left me too exhausted to try to program it on its rudimentary key pad. It can also be driven in manual mode, which I suspect would be easier for a practiced Xbox devotee.

Robomower’s maker markets it as a consumer-friendly device, but tech consumers are accustomed to much more coddling these days. When a PC arrives, a buyer need only push aside the Styrofoam, plug a few cables into their color-coded slots and find an outlet. You can be typing away in 20 minutes.

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