Leaking Roof Repairs

by Nate on November 1, 2010

Leaking Roof Repairs

Leaking Roof Repairs Leaking roofs can cause structural damage if left without repair. Sometimes a roof leaks well before the entire roof needs replacement. Normally such leaks are the cause or a broken or damaged shingle that can easily be replaced. Before you begin inspection it is important that you understand the dangers involved. If you do not feel comfortable walking on a roof you should not try inspecting for damage yourself. More appropriately you should speak with a professional contractor who offers specialization in roof repairs and qualifies to work on the exact roofing material you currently have. Complete replacement is not always necessary so be sure to get more than one opinion about the water leak or possible damage.

Detection of Roof Damage on a Shingled Roof
If you have experienced hail or heavy winds it is important to check your roof for damage after the storm. Inspect your roof for possible damage removing any debris that is covering the roof. Find broken or damaged shingles that need replacement. A water leak can spring up to 10 feet from the source by traveling along the boards located beneath the shingles. Cracks, missing shingles or curled shingles can be the signs of a water leak. When replacing the shingles look for signs of tears or rips in the felt and use roofing cement to repair. Vents, chimneys and other edges of the shingles may also be a source of leaks. To avoid these problems have a professional install flashing to help water drainage. Clean your gutters before replacement as they are an essential part to water drainage.

Hiring a Professional Contractor
For difficult roofs like tile or metal it may be in the best interest of your own safety that you hire a professional. You should plan to speak with at least 3 contractors for an estimate to ensure that you get the best quality service, most knowledgeable roofer and lowest price. When searching for a roof repair contractor you should start by contacting roofers who are knowledgeable in your exact roofing system. If you own a metal roof start by looking for a metal roofing contractor. Before choosing a contractor you should ask for references of past jobs with similar problems. Ask for certifications or state licenses. A licensed roofer must pass exams that test his knowledge of general roofing and can help you to find the most knowledgeable roofer in your area. Finally get quotes from the roofers that offer you the most experience and qualifications. Specialization is an important part of any industry and when choosing a roofer you should try to find one with an applicable skill set.

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