5 Steps for Long-Lasting Roofs

by Nate on November 10, 2010

5 Steps for Long-Lasting Roofs

5 Steps for Long-Lasting Roofs

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5 Steps for Long-Lasting Roofs

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Posted: Sep 27, 2010 |Comments: 0




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5 Steps for Long-Lasting Roofs

By: Dulay Roofing

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Now for over a decade, Bob Rutherford has been associated with the roofing industry. He is also an evangelist of energy efficient roofing.He has authored many online articles spreading awareness on benefits of green roofing.

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Your roof would offer the most necessary protection to your home against environmental conditions, such as-sun rays, rain, frost, snow and wind. Hence, the roof would suffer more ear and tear than other parts of your home.  Roof improvement and eventually maintenance is therefore a necessary part of home improvement.

Regardless of the material used in the roof, it would need regular maintenance and whenever you discover damage in it you may consult a roofing company without delay.  Some roofing company may also offer regular maintenance as a part of their roofing services.  Hence, you may ask the roofing company about their maintenance services. Anyway, following are the tips to help you maintain the roof of your home and ensure that it remains at the working condition.

Signs of damage: Depending on the material used for roofing, the roof can decay faster or slower. Check constantly for any sign of damage. Roof shingles are likely to suffer wear and tear with time. Damaged shingles would make your home prone to water damages. During roof installation you can therefore use shingles with maximum longevity to minimize the hassle of regular inspection.

Discoloration: Another sign of damage is discoloration. Not only it would make the roof weak but would also lower the value of your property. Black steaks on your roof are an indication of fungus and algae attack. Longer they would stay, greater would be the damage caused by them. Roof replacement would become necessary if you spot fungus damages in your roof.

Trees: You mustn’t allow a tree to grow near your house. The branches of the tree and leaves are likely to cause heavy damages to the roof. If the leaves are allowed to decompose on the roof top, they can accelerate the damages from mold. Moreover, the branch can fall on the roof and cause severe damage during storms and high wind, which would call for immediate roof replacement. To avoid the expense a tree

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