How Old is the Junk Removal Services Business?

by Nate on May 14, 2010

How Old is the Junk Removal Services Business?

Most people don’t think about a junk removal business until they need one, if you have something that’s so large that your local garbage men won’t take it, if you’ve recently moved and need to dispose of some large things quickly or if you are in need of cleaning out a cluttered estate then a junk removal service becomes something that you may need.

Junk and scrap collectors have been around as long as scrap metals and the like have been a commodity that can be exchanged for cash. Most of them collecting empty cans and bottles, scrap copper or aluminum to make a few bucks, but the idea of franchising a junk removal service or opening a sustainable business with junk removal at the forefront of the profits is actually pretty new.

For about the last two decades companies like 1-800-Got-Junk have taken the business of junk removal to new levels, creating a necessary niche and providing a service that can help both the people who have the junk to get rid of it, and the community around them by recycling or donating the materials collected.

How it Works
Virtually anything you have that you need to get rid of, with the exception of hazardous materials can be picked and hauled away, many junk removal service businesses even offer same day pick ups in the event that you need to get rid of something quickly.

Old furniture, appliances, construction waste and old electronic equipment can all be hauled away with a simple phone call. Many junk removal businesses have close relationships with charitable organizations and recycling centers so you can feel confident that much of the material that is getting hauled away will either go to help people in need or will get recycled if possible rather than getting put in a land fill. This gives the homeowner precious space that was being taken up by things that were going unused, provides lucrative jobs to those who work for the junk removal companies and aids in the preservation of the environment by sending much less material into dumps and landfills.

Some people are pack rats that can never let anything go, with attics, garages and basements loaded to the gills with things that will never get used. Others hold onto random items in hopes of having stock for future flea market trips, online auctions or yard sales but there are some things that just aren’t able to be sold. For the run down refrigerators, broken bathtubs and construction scraps there are the trucks with the able bodied employees of the junk removal businesses

Junk removal has gone from a part time hobby to a big time business; some larger companies have dozens of trucks on the road every single day of the week. There are franchises nationwide, each with a small fleet of box trucks and a few dozen strong employees who are willing to load and haul whatever junk you happen to have, provided that in isn’t dangerous or hazardous.

In the past twenty years the business of junk removal has grown substantially, and as long as people get improvements done to their homes, upgrade their appliances or downsize to a smaller living arrangement the business will continue to grow. Paying the small fee for the removal is well worth it to most people to just be rid of the items that they would otherwise be forced to hold onto or to haul away themselves. Paying the one time cost for removing all of the junk that you don’t need and don’t use will clear up valuable space in your home and free you from potentially have to put some of your things into a storage unit and by using a reputable junk removal service, you’ll be able to be confident in the fact that whatever you are getting rid of will either be donated to someone who needs it or recycled, so you won’t be contributing to the overflow occurring in the landfills.

Important for individuals to be mindful of what is in the trash. The environment can be better protected. If you are looking for a rubbish removal company located in the GTA please visit us at: Garbage Removal Toronto.

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