Home Improvement Begins and Ends With Taking Out the Trash

by Nate on August 27, 2011

Home Improvement Begins and Ends With Taking Out the Trash

Putting in a new room, adding a deck, painting, wallpapering, or installing new carpeting will require extra space to work and will result in old wood, carpet, linoleum, nails, screws, and other trash that needs to be hauled away and recycled. Old furniture and kitchenware is usually taken by trash removal services and donated when in good condition. Sooner or later homeowners will look through the rooms of a house with plans for major changes and suddenly realize that they have accumulated all sorts of interesting but largely useless items and materials that are taking up space but may never be used. This article discusses residential junk removal options that can make the most of recycling services and other ecologically friendly disposal methods.

In modern times the husband isn’t likely to take everything to the dump as in the old days; dumping fees are charged, permits might be needed and very few people would be at a loss to figure out what types of garbage should go where. A specialized service industry has grown to cater to residences and businesses with trash removal needs. Rather than separating all the trash and driving it out to the appropriate locations yourself, a company can be summoned to do the job in one trip. They have pre-existing plans for the best destination for each type of discarded material. Rubbish has to be sorted out and categorized for ecological purposes. Toxic materials like Freon in refrigerators and air conditioners, household cleaning chemicals, paint, pesticides, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, monitors, mercury thermometers, automotive transmission fluid, and motor oil have to be handled differently than household items and need special waste removal services to have them recycled or go through proper disposal procedures.

In cases where there’s renovation and some construction going on, the trash will pile up over a period of time so the junk removal service offers dumpster rentals where a driveway-safe trash bin can stay on site and picked up when full. The bins have rollers and additional protectors to keep the driveway unscarred. Most materials can go in the dumpsters except hazardous waste and flammable liquids, tar, and oily gunk that could start a spontaneous combustion fire. Concrete and sand can’t be mixed in with the other trash but special bins can be ordered to dispose of these.

People tend to hang onto things that might prove useful someday so they put them away where they might not see them again for many years. A husband and wife can moderate each other’s hoarding habits and come to a consensus on what is to stay and what is to go; husbands lose their cherished knick knacks, sports equipment, college sweaters, beloved ugly clothes, and piles of old magazines while wives tend to throw away things once they’ve found new replacements, such as furniture and cookware items. If you are throwing out a major appliance, chances are you don’t want to lift it into a vehicle; convenience is worth money and the time saved is a bonus. Most junk removal companies are increasingly more ecologically aware and try to donate any reusable items to local charities.


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