Why We Are Seeing The Emergence Of More And More Firms Offering Landscaping And Lawn Services

by Nate on December 4, 2010

Why We Are Seeing The Emergence Of More And More Firms Offering Landscaping And Lawn Services

We have seen, in the last one decade or so, the emergence of many firms offering landscaping and lawn services to other organizations and individuals. The arrangement is usually that you get into a deal with one of these firms, where you pay them a specified sum of money (in lump-sum, or more commonly in regular installments), with the firm taking responsibility for the development and maintenance of your lawn. Sometimes, you may decide to develop the lawn yourself, and only enlist the lawn services firm for the day to day management of the lawn. Otherwise, you may decide to enlist the lawn services firm right from the outset: by simply showing them a plot of land you want converted into a beautiful lawn (even if it happens to be a piece of concrete then), and then having them turn it into your dream lawn. Depending on your landscaping and lawn care needs, the firm you engage in this way could dedicate a full-time person or team or, if your needs are relatively modest, they may be visiting for several hours every so many days. But the bottom-line is that they improve your home’s or your organizations landscape. And more often than not, it is easy to tell the difference between the professional lawn management offered by these firms from the ‘trial and error’ lawn management people make attempts at.

What is notable here is the fact that less than fifteen years ago, there were very few such landscaping and lawn services firms. Most people took full responsibility for the management of their lawns. Even people who would have liked to get someone to do lawn management on their behalf would not have had anyone to contract it to. So, the question arises as to what has changed, in those few years – to the extent that we have so many landscaping and lawn service firms today.

As it turns out, these landscaping and lawn services firms have, for one, been great beneficiaries of the outsourcing revolution that has taken a grip of the corporate world in the last one and a half decades. This is a revolution toward greater business efficiency; where emphasis has been on organizations focusing on their ‘core competencies’ and contracting all other things to other firms which happen to have those other things as their ‘core competencies.’ Seeing that very few organizations could claim lawn management and landscaping at large as their core competency, it was inevitable that firms would come up to fill that niche.

As more and more people get to see the professional landscaping and lawn care results that these firms deliver, there has also been great demand for their services (even amongst those who don’t necessarily subscribe to the outsourcing doctrine from an economic perspective). This demand has in turn led to emergence of more firms to meet it.

The fact people are increasingly willing to pay handsomely to get their landscaping done is another factor that has led to emergence and growth of lawn service companies – these being entities created to advantage of the money that becomes available due to this ‘willingness to pay.’

We have also seen the trend where the people who got to work in the first lawn services firms, and saw how lucrative the business could at times be, decide to form their own similar firms – leading to the proliferation we are witnessing.

You must ensure that adequate fertilizers are used and any sprinkler repair due is not postponed in order to provide your lawn the best care.

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