Top Three Essential Lawn Care Tips

by Nate on December 5, 2010

Top Three Essential Lawn Care Tips

To get that great looking lawn that you want it is essential that you care for your lawn properly. There are a number of ways in which you can care for your lawn and some of the tips and tricks of the trade seem to work better than others.

Lawn care these days is a serious game and has also turned into a serious business. You may be happy with your lawn’s current state of affairs but then again perhaps you are just a bit jealous of your neighbor’s lush green patch of Heaven. What is he doing differently than you?

While the answer to that question may not be so cut and dry, there are three essential lawn care tips that must be utilized in order to have the greatest looking lawn possible. Here’s how the tips break down:

1.Watering: This is the most important part of your lawn care. After all, there are only two things that grass needs to live; water and sunlight. While Mother Nature always provided an ample amount of the bright stuff, she is sometimes stingy with the wet stuff. As a general rule of thumb grass needs about an inch or two of water per week in order to thrive. This can be supplied somewhat by the rain and using a rain gauge will help you determine how much additional watering is needed. The best way to determine if your lawn needs to be watered is by looking at the signs. If the grass is wilting and your footprints are staying behind then you know your lawn needs more water.

2.Fertilizing: If you only fertilized your lawn once per year it would be just fine. However, you probably want to do more than ‘just fine’ and really want to see your lawn explode in a lush thick green that reminds you of velvet. In order to accomplish this you will need to fertilize your lawn at least three to four times per year. Be sure that you buy the right kind of fertilizer for the grass type in your lawn such as Bermuda. Also be sure to spread the fertilizer when it is totally dry out and then turn on the irrigation system to let the lawn absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer. Avoid using too much fertilizer in one spot as that can result in fertilizer burn.

3.Cutting: In order to get the appearance of a blanket lawn you have to cut the grass and cut the grass often. Cutting the grass at a high height often will actually enable the grass to grow at a steadier pace and stay constant with height and fullness. While there is some debate on bagging your grass clippings or letting them lay on your lawn to allow nutrients to go back into the ground, if you are properly fertilizing your lawn throughout the year, you really don’t need to leave any clippings behind. Even if there is a benefit in doing so the sight of brown dead grass is not a pretty one when the lawn surrounding it is a bright green color.

While you may not have the lawn of envy now, by following the three main rules of lawn care in time you could be the neighbor that everyone else is clamoring about.

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