Tips for Pest prevention: Maple Pest Control Toronto

by Nate on August 13, 2010

Tips for Pest prevention: Maple Pest Control Toronto

Pests can be found anywhere in the world and they can be most annoying in homes and the places where we work. There are many Pest Control companies in Toronto that offers chemical solutions to Pest Control problem but a few who offers green treatments and methods to get rid off pests. Maple Pest Control is a leading firm in Toronto that offers eco-friendly best pest control services for all kind of properties including house, cottage and other premises. Maple Pest Control Toronto is licensed from the Ministry of Environment and has been serving the Greater Toronto Areas and other areas including Mississauga, Oakville, Markham Richmond Hill, Woodbridge Brampton and City of Vaughn from along time.

Maple Pest Control Toronto has best pest control experts in the industry who cannot only help you in eliminating pests from your place but also can assist you in growing your business and to follow the legal terms appropriately.


Before you request for Pest Control services from Maple Pest Control Toronto, you should think about the reason of pest infestation at your place. Here are some tips to prevent your property from pests before pests enter in your house.


Remove all the wood piles or collections of old branches and shrubs, as pests can hang out in them. Most of the pests such as carpenter ants, termites and spiders may feel secured at these places. These things attract pests and allow them to enter in your residence by this way. If you really want to keep piles of lumber to build a fire, make sure they are not in close connection with your structure and if possible, keep them away.


Make sure your place is completely sealed up to close the entrance gate for bugs. Crawl Spaces such as attics and tiny holes in other areas of your place can invite bugs in. Check linen closets and low areas such as under shelves for hidden areas that might be having holes or gaps.


Sweep and vacuum your place on regular basis and clean the spills immediately with soap to prevent from pest infestation.


Do not keep ripe fruits outside. Make sure that all the food items are placed in plastic containers or glass jars those have rubber seals or snap-on lids instead of those with screw-top jars.
Vacate the trash daily and if possible keep the garbage outside the house.
If you own a pet, clean the bedding regularly and the place where your pet rests.





For more information please visit Maple Pest Control Inc for best pest control services.

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