The Termite Queen – Not Another Sci-Fi Flick!

by Nate on January 15, 2011

The Termite Queen – Not Another Sci-Fi Flick!

The common termite, also called the white ant, live in termite colonies that are also ruled by a single queen termite. As the title suggests, the termite queen is the ruler of the colony and looks after the daily operations responsible for the functioning of the colony. She also has the job of proliferation as she has to give birth to around thousand new termites every single day. Unlike a pregnant woman, it does not take nine whole months to give birth for a termite. It only takes a couple of days for a termite queen to be done with all her reproduction responsibilities.

A termite queen is by no way a loyal and faithful mate. Any male who wishes to donate his seed to her is welcome. However, there will always be only one male termite who will be the king of the colony. Once the king has established that he is the ruler, the queen and king will often be found together.

The most spectacular thing the termite queen is capable of is giving birth to thousands of eggs almost every single day. This is why you will never see a single termite alone. Hundred other termites will always accompany it. It hardly takes them any time to accumulate. The queen termite grows to around ten times her original size when she is impregnated. This makes it extremely difficult for her to get around her colony. This is when it is time for the worker termites to do some work.

Whenever the queen termite needs to get around, her worker termites help her to commute. It takes many termites to move the queen even a few inches. These worker termites get rewarded in the end. The queen termite will secrete a liquid from her posterior on which the worker termites can feed in order to replenish themselves once they are done with the tiresome job.

In the entire termite colony, only the queen termite has wings. This is to facilitate her movement when she wishes to move, which is when she is not carrying thousand eggs. Unlike the ants, the termite colonies can have as many termite queens and kings as they wish. Although it sounds contradictory, in reality the king and queen termites are actually bred to fly away and establish another colony of their own. This is the reason why when you find one termite, you find a thousand other termites.

The primary job that the termite queen has is to give birth to thousand other termites in order to spread to form their respective colonies. While this is very disadvantageous for us, for the termites, it is their prime reason for survival.

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