The Grass is always Greener on Your Side with Scotts Lawn Care Program

by Nate on August 20, 2011

The Grass is always Greener on Your Side with Scotts Lawn Care Program

Who would not want a healthy lush green lawn for either enjoying your cuppa or lounging? A green lawn is definitely your pride and probably be the envy of your neighbour. But to make it envious, you need to take care of it. This is possible with various lawn care programs and could also be environmentally friendly. How you may ask? Healthy grass is always a rich source in insects and worms which in turn attract the feathered beauties. The fibrous roots of grass prevent soil erosion and also many pollutants in the air like dust, soot etc are absorbed. Needless to say, as it increases the oxygen in the air by converting the carbon dioxide, it keeps the air around also clean.

This is where Scotts Lawn program comes into picture and enable to transform your lawn into an aesthetic and green space. Usually caring for your lawn is no easy task as it involves watering, mowing, use of fertilizers, not to forget trimming. All this will leave you busy for hours regularly. Scotts Lawn care program which is around since the 1900′s is an expert in lawn care. They provide top quality professional services to give you a lush green and healthy lawn. Having started by supplying lawn grass seeds they then grew further around 1995 after merging with Miracle Gro, the pioneers of garden care products. This is when Scotts Miracle Gro was established which takes care of your lawn and garden needs. Scotts lawn services provide services at a different level by having professionals take care of your lawn needs completely.

Once you entrust them with your lawn and open green yards they treat it individually with just what is required. Firstly, Scotts Lawn Program diagnosis what needs to be done for your lawn and treats it year round to keep your lawn in the pink of health! Or should we say green instead of Pink! Their programs are custom made for your lawn after checking the condition of the grass, the soil type etc. They use the best quality products for your lawn like slow release fertilizers, extra premium seeds for grass, weeds and insect controlling products. These are all eco and environmentally friendly products and are constantly improved for better versions and productivity. Their Organic line of products is a top selling product line in lawn care items.

Thus, the Scotts Lawn care program is economical as once you are a part of the program the supply of fertilizers, spreaders etc are provided. You would even receive tips on lawn care, gardening and landscaping.


If you are facing challenges with keeping a beautiful and healthy lawn, get Lawn care tips from the experts themselves at the Scotts Lawn Care Program.


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