The Fundamentals Of Lawn Care

by Nate on June 25, 2011

The Fundamentals Of Lawn Care

Nothing can look more beautiful, yet be more frustrating, then our lawns. For those suburban dwellers among us, the upkeep of our home’s lawn can be tantamount to a full time job. And the appearance of said lawn can be an exercise in social domination. There are no shortages of neighborhood competitions regarding the color, thickness, and texture of our lawns. And even if the only pressure we feel is that which we put on ourselves, lawn care can still be incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, with the mastering of a few fundamentals of lawn care we can be well on our way to achieving a lush and healthy lawn.

When examining proper lawn care, you should start at the beginning. If you have the opportunity to choose the type of grass that is planted around your home then you can begin the proper care from the ground up; some research will yield the type of grass that will grow the best in your particular climate.

Going forward, successful lawn care means a regular system of maintenance that revolves around the seasons. Applying fertilizer in the fall and essential nutrients in the winter will allow your lawn to be healthy all year.

Additionally, weekly maintenance during growing season should be included in a lawn care system. Be sure to mow your lawn on a weekly basis and remove grass clippings to ensure that the roots of your lawn are not blocked from receiving proper water and sunlight. To this end, frequent aeration of your lawn will loosen soil and keep water and nutrients moving freely, thus allowing your grass to grow without hindrance. Further, if there is insufficient water from rain, then be sure to supplement with frequent watering of your grass.

Consistent and dedicated lawn care all year will reward you with a beautiful and healthy lawn to be envied by all.

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