Termites pest Control Sydney

by on October 25, 2011

Termites pest Control Sydney

Pesky termite pest infestations can be irritating, more so due to the amount of destruction they cause. These annoying little creatures spare nothing wooden & all they do is, eat their way through it. Exterminating termites is not the only solution. Yes! Extermination or termite control procedures do help minimize & reducing termite infestations, but it is equally important to protect your home from termites. Prevention & Termite Pest Control Sydney go hand in hand for a safe & secure termite free home.


Termites require a specified moisture content to breed. Once the moisture content is controlled, it naturally helps in colonization of termites as well. This holds true for most termites except Dry wood termites require very little moisture & this is absorbed from the wood they thrive in! Termite Pest Control Sydney consists of preventive measures such as:

Remove and eliminate any sources of water, even standing water.

See to it there are no leaks, downspouts & get gutters & flashing fixed to avoid dampening of wood under all circumstances


Do not keep firewood in your home & if you should keep it in a separate place allocated preferably over a metal stand or rack.

It is best advised to avoid wooden flooring as much as possible. You can do without it & use better options instead for flooring that are termite resistant!

Pressure treated wood for decks & fences are a better option.

Close all access points & channels that prevent entry of termites.

Metal flashing under sill plates & around docks prevent termites from digging up from the ground.

See to it that your home is dry, well ventilated & well lighted.

Coating wood with chemicals toxic to termites is not a great option, but it definitely works!

Extermination & control:

Whatever the urge, you have to disturb & destroy a termite colony just as it does during a Termite Pest Control Sydney service; trying to destroy it only disintegrates & sets it free to colonize other parts of your home. If you really want to take care of your pests’ single- handedly, it is advised that you get kits that are available over the counter. Read the instructions carefully & apply as per directions as per the site of infestation. But if the infestation is on a larger scale, it would be safer & better to leave the termination process to professional experts! A termite pest controller would:

Provide you with suitable options best suited for your home or commercial space

Conduct a termite inspection of your building to give a full report which determines the type of termite infestation- subterranean or dry wood & to what degree there is an infestation.

Based on the type of infestation, provide a complete fumigation or a localized fumigation as required.

Professional termite pest control Sydney Company can be trusted to provide you with quality service & it is important that before you hire a professional termite controller, see to it that they are certified, reputed & have a reputed clientele to vouch for their services.

Termiscan has over 40 years of providing professional pest control services Sydney especially when it comes to taking care of stubborn Australian termites & other household pests. Termiscan offer a full range of Pest control and Inspection services for residential homes Strata management and Commercial premises such as offices, warehouses, schools, food preparation premises and hotels throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area.

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