Termites – How To Identify The Pests

by Nate on May 2, 2011

Termites – How To Identify The Pests

People who grow crops, own homes and buildings often wonder what termites look like. There is a very simple reason for this. If you know what a termite looks like, you can inform the property owner or farmer in case you spot them and this can prevent further damage. Most people claim that termites look similar to tiny white ants. The truth is, these insects have a hierarchy among themselves, depending on the job that particular termite has to do in the colony.

What do termites actually look like? The termites that resemble the white ants are called the worker termites. Their job is to forage for food for sustaining the colony. They are small in size, with soft bodies and white in color- just like ants. The soldier termites have the responsibility of defending and protecting the colony against external predators. They look much like worker termites but they have larger heads and have mandibles for defense.

The reproductive termites are larger than the soldier and worker termites, are winged and have a tendency to swarm during particular seasons. They, too, are soft bodied and white, but their distinguishing factor is their wings. These reproductive termites exist for the colony’s continuation and hence are the termites that lay the eggs. At a given time, these termites can lay up to thousand eggs, a fact responsible for termite colonies springing up in no time at all in a small space very quickly.

Apart from knowing what the worker, soldier and reproductive termites look like, one also needs to know how to recognize the king and queen termite. These termites are the rulers of the colony and are responsible for ensuring that each termite does its work in maintaining and protecting the colony. The largest termite of the colony is the queen. Her body will be elongated and usually of a lighter color. Similar to the queen, but smaller and darker in color, is the king termite.

Sometimes termite colonies live in mounds that become as tall as four feet. These mounds are the residence of the termites. The worker termites are responsible for going out and finding food- usually damp wood, loose cellulite matter and leaf debris. The food is then brought back and the colony feeds on it.

When you own a property, finding out what a termite looks like is a very responsible thing to do. It is very important to identify termites and their damage as once this is located, the damaged areas can be treated. The later the damage is discovered, the more difficult its treatment will be. Furthermore, if somebody asks you what a termite looks like, you can answer with certainty.

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