Termites Can Damage Your Dream Home

by Nate on May 24, 2011

Termites Can Damage Your Dream Home

Termites Can Damage Your Dream Home

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Pest Control > Termites Can Damage Your Dream Home

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Termites Can Damage Your Dream Home

By: CooperCrick
Posted: Aug 11, 2010


Termites are wood-eating, white, ant-like insects.  They are social insects and are sometimes referred to as “white ants”.  They build large nests in trees, soil mounds or undergrounds.  Termites undergo three main stages throughout their life cycle: egg, nymph and adult.


The majority of termites need a very damp environment to survive, especially the so-called “workers”, whose bodies are covered by a quite thin skin which needs dampness not to dry out.  That is why you usually see them in ground mounds, in tree nests, on some human structures like poles; all around tree bases and even inside trees themselves.  Thus, the theory according to which leaks and water sources may lead to the formation of termite colonies is true.

Feeding and Diet

Termites not only feed on wood and that is why, every year, these white ants cause damages worth millions of dollars. In fact, they feed also on paper, books, filtration systems, swimming pool liners, insulation systems and water pipes.  Termites can easily damage a whole house in a matter of weeks, if they are not exterminated.  That is why when buying a house, it is imperative that a termite check is done.  You do not want to be investing in a house that will just be ruined and eaten up by termites.

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Termites and houses

There are several species of termites.  The house termites often called “swarmers” are those that have wings.  They are attracted by lights and usually found near windows and doors.  When termites build their nests they often use earthen-mud.  So, if you see earthen mud forming in your foundation walls, sill plates, window frames, patios and porches, just think that there is a big chance that your house is being infested by termites.

Earthen mud usually has a diameter of a pencil stain on your walls.  It is used by termites as a tunnel and serves as a shield for their travel.  This is usually broken by termite controllers to check if there is indeed a termite infestation.

Now since termites mostly feed on wood and live in damp places, whether or not your house is made of wood, they can still damage it.  They could infect your home even without  leaving the signs of their nests.  In fact, you may be surprised at the sight of your damaged books, which may have already been attacked by these social insects.  Termite-damaged wood is hollowed and your house foundation infested by termites may be at risk of falling down.  

They can damage your homes undetected for years and create small holes into your walls and even furniture.  Their fecal pellets cause odor that do not go away after being cleansed.  They leave discoloration and blisters in hardwood floors and your paints.  Before you know it, the infestation is widespread and you may need to replace your floors and walls completely.

The good news is that there are pest control teams now that are specialized in termite extermination.  They are able to tell whether your house is infested by termites and know how to

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