Termite Programs. How do you know what you’re getting?

by Nate on November 12, 2010

time of treatment or signing.  READ the fine print, there are some limitations to these warranties.  The issuing personnel should explain these limitations to you in detail.  Always ask question to better understand the reporting process and how to identify these limitations.  This type of warranty places a lot of liability on the issuing company and is the best warranty program to have.

CONTROL/RETREAT ONLY:  This program does not and will not cover any termite damage at any time of the warranty.  The issuing company will only be liable for retreating any reoccurring termite infiltration.


Bait systems can carry warranties of damage or control.  The damage warranty will be issued with very specific details on how or when the damage warranty will take effect.  This warranty normally has some type of time frame and termite strike criteria BEFORE the damage bond will take affect.  It is VITAL that you read and understand the entire warranty program before signing on. It is also important to note that bait systems are not recognized as termite treatment for real estate transactions (NPMA-33 WDI inspection report).


The best recommendation I can make is this;  Cheapest and/or most expensive is not always the best, have several companies build your education of termite programs.  Compare each warranty program side by side.  Then, and only then, make an educated decision on which program to choose.


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