Termite Invading Your Home

by Nate on February 27, 2011

Termite Invading Your Home

A long time ago, Orson Welles struck fear into the heart of many people with those very words when he aired the radio program “War of the Worlds”. He had people believing that our world was being invaded by aliens and we were set for sure destruction.

In this article, however, the invasion is by a far more frightening invader than aliens. In this article, we’re talking about —- TERMITES! Just as with “War of the Worlds”, termites can cause destruction, but the breakdown that termites can cause is far worse than anything any fictitional aliens can do because termites are real!

Termites are living, breathing, eating annoyances that every home or building owner should be worried about. They can make their way into your structure and cause devastation before you even realize its happening. That’s why, if you own property with a structure on it, you need to be diligent about termites.

You should know what they look like, what kind of damage they can inflict, and what you can do to keep them from taking over your home. I am a property owner, and, before writing this article, never really gave a second thought to termite infestation.

Now, I am constantly outside looking at the foundation of my home, in the basement inspecting the rafters, and in the yard looking for places where these little scavengers can live.

Many people are just like me – they don’t really think about termites unless they are buying a new home that requires a termite inspection. After the home is declared termite free, the home owner puts the thought of an infestation out of his or her mind and goes about life with no thought to a possible visit from these little creatures.

The truth is that you can have an infestation of termites even when your house has been declared termite free. There are a lot of reasons for this which we will get into inside the pages of this article.

Even though someone has said “You have no termites” doesn’t mean you never will which is why you need to always be aware of how to find termites and know what to do to make them go away and stay away!

Of course, you always hear the advice that you should educate yourself, and nothing could be further from the truth. When you take the time to get to know the common termite as well as know what type of damage that termite can do, you are taking the first step toward protecting your home or building. You can never have too much education for termite control that will protect your investment!

So what we are going to do with this article is give you a crash course in termites. We’ll show you what they look like, educate you on how they live, show you what to look for when inspecting for damage, and what to do if you think you have termites.

Don’t worry if you think there’s an invasion! The aliens aren’t coming. They’re just termites. And they can be controlled.

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