Start a Lawn Service Business – Market Research

by Nate on December 24, 2010

Start a Lawn Service Business – Market Research

You need to understand the local market and your prospective customers before you can decide what services you will offer and how you will offer them.

You also need to understand a little about your competitors to get an understanding of how the local lawn care market works and how you can fit into it and succeed.

A great way to start your research is to get out and talk to customers in an area that you think would be good to target.  Take some long walks in that area, examine the condition of the lawns and gardens and try to get some conversations going with folks who happen to be outside there homes.  Your aim should be to find out who is currently doing their lawns, how much they are charging and if they are satisfied with their present lawn care contractor.

If you are polite you can get away with this approach.  Going door knocking is another way to go about it but you should proceed with caution as some areas have regulations in place that don’t permit unsolicited house calls.

Learning about your competitors is easy.  By looking at their advertising material or calling them and pretending to be a customer with lots of questions you can learn all about how they are running their lawn business.  You can even have your competitors come over to your property and price your own (or a friend’s) lawn and examine their method of quoting on lawn jobs.

Market research will help you to reduce your risk, meet prospective clients and to get a general understanding of the local lawn care market.  This early research is so important for getting your lawn business off to a great start.

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