Some Types of Pest Control Services By Pest Control Companies

by Nate on April 21, 2011

Some Types of Pest Control Services By Pest Control Companies

Pests have always been a nuisance to humans. It is a hassle to get rid of them. If a homeowner wants to handle his own pest control, there are many options available such as insecticides, bait, traps and fumigation. Having said that, he must be aware of the pest he is dealing as some of them cannot be identified easily.

Due to the limitations of these solutions, pest control professionals are often hired for their services. Professionals do use the same method of pest control, but using a different approach. As a matter of fact, professionals do have better utilization of these methods and they are able to accurately identify which pest is the problem. This knowledge enables them to use the most effective and efficient approach to overcome the problem.

If the pest control professional decides to use bait, indoor and outdoor bait may be involved. Mice and other rodents are often controlled by bait which leads them to a trap where they are eliminated.

Fumigation usually involves “tenting”, a complicated method in which the house is surrounded by tenting material and is flooded with a poison gas. This is costly but it may be the only way to remove the pests.
Insecticide is easily available in many departmental stores and it is often sprayed around the interior of the house, usually in places where the pests breed.

Homeowners may prefer a pest control method that they feel is less harmful. One way is to use live traps, which capture the pests alive. The captured pest will then be taken away and set free.

Some homeowners may want a pest control method they feel is more humane, or safer for humans. Live traps which capture the pests alive and unharmed are popular. The pests can then be taken elsewhere and released. Organic pest control may involve the use of natural substances or small organisms.

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