Protect your House from the Termites Invasion

by Nate on April 11, 2011

Protect your House from the Termites Invasion

Everyone knows that termites and white ants cause severe damages to the house in different parts of the world. They might attack your house in no time. Hence, termite control has become one of the necessities to prevent the termites from invading your house. Some people control termites by using chemicals in residential areas or working places, where they can survive and breathe. Following is the some crucial termite information: Termites generally lay their eggs in spring season. They give eggs in the moist soil and then enter the house in order to provide some nourishment to them. Therefore, it is better to control termites before the beginning of spring season. However, be careful as termites can attack in any season. Two of the first places to look for termites are the kitchen and the bathroom because in these two areas there is maximum use of water. Regularly check the pipes and taps for leakage. If you own a house or farm made of wood then controlling termite infestation should be your top most priority. In fact, it is one of the crucial issues or problems faced by homeowners. Primarily, start with termite prevention. If you do not have termites, it does not mean that you cannot have them. So, stop them from invading your crops or properties. In order to prevent the termites, you have to make your home not a favorable hideout for termites. Following are the some ways of preventing termites to invade your house: Trim all dense greenery, bushes and shrubs away from your property’s foundation. Never leave firewood around your house; it works as a magnet for attracting termites. If you have to keep firewood outside your home during the winter season then keep it at some height off the ground. Remove all loose woods, tree stumps and lumber from the boundary of your home. Keep downspouts and gutters free of accumulated debris and leaves. As termites cannot survive on wood only, keeping these areas clean will prevent termites from invading your house. Obstructions and clogs attract termites. Seal all the holes and cracks in the foundation of your home. Termite prevention is possible only if you keep your house ventilated, particularly the attics of the house. Your rooms should be spacious enough to have the right circulation of air else, moisture attracts termites. Never aloe water to be stored anywhere around your house as it may lead to serious house damage. It is always better to opt for termite prevention before the construction of your property. If you plan to construct a house completely with wood then ensure to use treated wood. Borate is one of the most common treated woods that prevent the termite from invading them as their food. Do not allow the wood to have any contact with the earth because this will work as an easy access to the termites.

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