Principles and Methods of Pest Control –Make It Effective and Easy

by Nate on August 26, 2011

Principles and Methods of Pest Control –Make It Effective and Easy

Pests are unwanted guests that enter our homes, offices, business places or agricultural field causing economic losses and health damage. They are harmful as they destroy things and carry disease causing germs. It is therefore necessary to control their population and make your surrounding free from these unwanted and uninvited guests. Here are some useful principles to control their population easily and effectively.

Identify the pests correctly and apply most suitable methods to control them is the important and effective principle. It becomes easy to control them after correctly identifying them. If you know their biological genre, their habits and their most vulnerable stag, you can apply suitable methods to control them on appropriate time. It is therefore, important to understand their ecological factors both biotic and abiotic that affects insects and pests. Knowing these factors you can make necessary planning and proper strategy for controlling their population. Making the surrounding hygienic by regular cleaning is itself a principle and solution of pest control. Here are some important methods for insect control and pest control.

Physical and manual pest control methods: This is the oldest and safe method to control pest population. It include manual methods like killing the large pests like rodents, rats, squirrels, cockroaches, etc, collecting eggs of small insects and removal of infected parts where they have attacked. It also includes raising scarecrow in the agricultural field, drumming, etc. Manual methods are also effective in controlling pests from home. You can use mouse trapper to capture rats, rodents, squirrels, etc. You can create itchy smoke by burning woods to remove mosquitoes and flying insects.

Biological pest control methods: It talks about employing natural enemies to kill insects and pests. Such enemies can be parasites and predators to kill the unwanted and uninvited guests. Ladybugs are such useful insects that are natural enemies to many garden pests. You can purchase these bugs from one of the pest control organization that provides organic pesticides. If there are snails and caterpillars in the field, you can employ frogs to eat them.

Chemical pest control methods: Spray insecticides and pesticides with DDT properties. Chemical methods of controlling pests are very popular and effective one. This method is popular because of spectacular and immediate results. Chemicals in the form of powder, dust, spray, granule, etc are available which contain chemicals with efficiency to kill the insects quickly and easily. However, these methods are effective in controlling pests but are not safe for health and environments. Harmful chemicals enter the ecological system and disturb the natural ecological factors.

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