Plano Lawn Service – Review – DLC Lawn Service

by Nate on October 11, 2010

Plano Lawn Service – Review – DLC Lawn Service

If you live in the DFW area, you undoubtedly know that there’s no shortage of Lawn Service companies to choose from. If you are like me, you have been through many different services and have been disappointed time after time. I’ve finally found a winner in DLC Lawn Service and I have been impressed with them from day one.

The story behind this article:

Last summer I decided to start doing my own landscaping because I was tired of mediocre work and figured it was an opportunity to save money. I invested a few hundred dollars on lawn equipment and felt I was well prepared to tackle the task at hand… I would estimate it took about 4 weeks into the summer when I realized, I wasn’t doing a very good job nor was I enjoying myself that much. Anyone that’s tried doing their own landscaping in Dallas knows what I’m talking about. HOT HOT HOT !!!

Enter Jaime – Owner of DLC Lawn Service… I was in my front yard struggling with tree limbs when he walked up to me smiling and handed me his business card. I was thinking to myself, “you caught me at a good time, buddy”. I asked him how much he charged for his lawn service and he immediately gave me a quote. I was surprised. I asked him “For this lawn”? I have a large property and I’ve never been quoted such a reasonable price. To my delight, he confirmed the quote. I said “OK, how much would you charge to trim all my trees and bushes? This took a little more time because he had to access the damage (they were in pretty bad shape-overgrown)…

After about ten minutes or so, he quoted me a price. I could hardly contain my overwhelming excitement. There was no way I was going to pass up on the offer he was giving me.   I asked Jaime, “when can you start?’ and he replied “how about right now?” “YOU GOT IT!!!” I replied. Make a long story short, he and his crew did an awesome job the rest is history. Jaime has been doing my landscaping ever since.

What do I like most about DLC Lawn Service?

- It’s family owned and operated
- Excellent, Excellent quality service. Really, I mean it, excellent service.
- The Price – Extremely reasonable.
- They are very flexible and responsive to special requests.   
- If you need to skip a week or switch to every other week – No Problem.
- They saved 2 of my trees and 2 bushes from dying
- Jaime and his crew are very knowledgeable about landscaping.
- They also repair fences and sprinkler systems – VERY REASONABLE PRICES.
- Last but not least, Jaime is a super nice guy and very easy to work with.


 DLC Lawn Service is so impressive that 5 of my neighbors have switched over to Jaime’s company just this summer. Obviously I can recommend these guys with unwavering confidence. If you live in the Plano-North Dallas area and you are not happy with your present lawn service, I suggest you give DLC a try,

Contact Jaime @ 469-364-2139

Please contact me and let me know how it goes if you decide to use DLC.


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