Pest Control in Islington N1

by Nate on December 7, 2010

Pest Control in Islington N1

Like many parts of London, Islington is an area that has to deal with the issue of pest control. Islington is a densely populated, heavily built-up area of the UK’s capital city, and as such the area has its fair share of problems with pest control. Islington residents and business owners who are looking for help with their pests can use this article on pest control in Islington to help them identify and approach a supplier who can help them with their requirement for pest control.

Islington is the central district of the London Borough of Islington. Originally, ‘Islington’ referred to a sprawling village that extended along the line of the Great North Road, but it now refers to many areas in the surrounding area too, which can cause some confusion. The name ‘Islington’ is now also often applied to the areas of the borough close to Upper Street, which include Barnsbury, Canonbury, and De Beauvoir Town, first developed in the Georgian era. Islington is an inner-city district in London, stretching from Islington High Street to Highbury Fields, encompassing the area around the busy Upper Street. The area around Angel tube station is sometimes regarded as an area in its own right, known as The Angel, Islington. There are a number of companies offering pest control services in Islington, as well as many based further afield who can easily deliver pest control in Islington.

Islington is a relatively prosperous area of London, with a large number of open green spaces and plenty of higher-value properties. However, this residential desirability means that Islington is an area that is likely to have particular problems with pest control. Islington has many larger properties, which can often make attractive roosting locations for birds like pigeons, while homes and businesses situated in older buildings very often find that they are targets for pests such as ants, wasps and cockroaches. If a pest infestation of one of these types is discovered, an Islington pest control supplier will be required as soon as possible in order to address the problem. 

If you’re looking for a pest control supplier in Islington, your first step should be to consider the best location for the firm you choose to work with. While you might naturally want to find a pest control supplier who is actually located in Islington, there are many instances where you might be better advised to work with a pest control company that covers the entire London area, including Islington. To find a local supplier, you can easily view Google Maps entries for pest control companies in Islington simply by entering a phrase such as ‘pest control Islington’ into the search engine. This will bring up a map showing some of the local firms who can offer pest control in Islington.

If you’re located in Islington, pest control decisions will also be affected by the speed at which the companies involved can reach you. In an emergency, you want to be sure that your chosen supplier will be with you as soon as possible, in order to address any serious infestations before they get any worse. Some pest control firms offer a guaranteed two-hour response time to callouts, which can be hugely reassuring. 

Another important factor in choosing a pest control supplier is the firm’s breadth and depth of expertise and experience. It’s important, wherever possible, to work with a pest control company that is a member of the British Pest Control Association. BCPA membership is your guarantee of a number of reassuring attributes, including a verified trading history, rigorous staff training in all aspects of pest control, adequate insurance and the firm’s adherence to all the terms of the BCPA’s code of practice, which lays down guidelines for the safe and effective use of pesticides and a number of other important aspects of best practice in pest control. Islington (or Islington-covering) firms who are members of the BCPA include EE Control Group and Safeguard Pest Control.

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