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by Nate on June 3, 2011

hundreds of lawn care professionals.




Gardening Stores

(MA and NH)


A family run gardening center with 8 locations in the Massachusetts, the offer organic as well as non-organic gardening products.  But please, don’t buy Scott’s.


Extremely Green

A NH based Green Gardening Store that also retails online and also provides landscaping and pest control using both organic and IPM techniques.



Bonafide Green Goods

Sells a variety of eco-friendly everyday household aids as well as clothing, jewelry and energy conservation tools.  Also sells gardening supplies. Store in Concord, New Hampshire as well as online



Yard Spice Organics

Our friend Chester Mandrik will tell you anything you need to know about organics.  He also has a lawn care service that focuses on Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Store: 603-595-8813

Lawn Service: 603-595-8813


New England Natural

A Vermont based online green gardening store that offers everything from green beauty products to ecological firewood (who knows if it really does burn low carbon?) as well as a large collection of organic gardening products.



Grassroots Environmental Education

A New York based organization aimed at educating the public on organic lawn care and the dangers of pesticides.



Gaiga College

A British Columbia based College focused on organic gardening, horticulture, landscape management.  Have locations all over Canada as well as courses online.


Real Food Campaign

RFC aims to teach farmers and growers principles and techniques that improve soil health and crop nutrition.

(978) 410-3210




An non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural lawn care and ground maintenance.  Lots of helpful tips for do-it-yourselfers.

(207) 252-0869


Northeast Organic Farming Association

A nonprofit organic farming organization based in the northeast and involved in education and pesticide awerness.



A division of the Northeast Organic Farming Association.  You can use their search box to find an organic landscaper near you!


Cameron Fen works for the non-profit organization The LEAH Collective, dedicated to education and advocacy concerning the dangers of lawn pesticides.  We have supported bills in New Hampshire and in Maine and we run a gardening blog on our website aimed at showing people how easy it is to go organic with your lawn.

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